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The Benefits of Using LED Lights in Your Commercial Kitchen

LED lights commercial kitchen

Many restaurant owners assume that the type of commercial lighting they use in their kitchens doesn’t make a big difference. At Hoodmart, we’re here to tell you that’s false. If you chose LED lights, you’ll have a lot of benefits – but of course, remember that not all LED lights are identical. You also need to choose the high quality lights that will best serve your restaurant.

You can see significant energy savings

When you upgrade to LED lighting, you could see significant savings in your utility bills the very first month. How significant? Consider that LED lights use 75% less energy compared to incandescent bulbs. This means you could reduce your operating expenses significantly. Consider the case of the restaurant chain Chili’s, who reported saving almost $4 million the first year they changed to LED lights.

LED bulbs require less maintenance

Did you know that LED bulbs can burn up to 50,000 hours? That’s up to 50 times as long as the lifespan of an incandescent bulb and up to 4 times as long as a fluorescent light. This maintenance issue doesn’t just save you time – it saves you money. Once you’ve installed your lights, you could go years without ever having to think about them again.

They’re more durable

When you invest in LED bulbs, you’re investing in an option that’s virtually unbreakable. The polycarbonate enclosure is one of the toughest things on earth. If safety is a priority in your kitchen then LED lights are a wise choice.

Not all LED lights are created equal

Just like you wouldn’t buy your stainless steel hood based solely on price, that’s also not the wisest way to shop for LED lights. You’re looking for an option that has a long burn time. Consider the savings when you compare prices. For example, if you see a light that’s rated for 20,000 hours and another that’s rated for 50,000, you could pay twice as much for the longer burning light and still save.

The bottom line is that you need the equipment that will work best in your kitchen. At Hoodmart, we offer a wide range of products and accessories to help you do just that. Check out our full range of lights, light covers, and more – and don’t forget to shop with us for all your kitchen ventilation equipment.

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