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The Function of Makeup Air Fans in a Successful Kitchen

Make Up Air Fan in a Kitchen

Among the many cogs which are essential to a great commercial kitchen are makeup air exhaust fans. Make-up air fans, as the name suggests, are responsible for replacing the air which is lost through a commercial kitchen exhaust hood’s process of ventilation.

Yet the role of makeup air fans is often underestimated by casual observers. Here is a closer look at how these fans work, and why they are vital to a commercial kitchen:

  • The makeup air fan plays a major part in the functionality of the exhaust hood, which may be considered the centerpiece of the commercial kitchen. Exhaust hoods are responsible for filtering grease, fumes, moisture, and odors out of a kitchen, which helps keep a kitchen clean, safe, and capable of passing safety codes. Without makeup air fans, this crucial piece of equipment cannot properly function!
  • Commercial kitchen ventilation systems are required to have several things in order to pass regulations: an exhaust hood, a fan system, ductwork, and make-up air supply. The make-up air fan fulfills this last requirement outright, and assists in fulfilling the other!
  • Those looking to purchase exhaust fans ought to bear in mind how much make-up air their commercial kitchen will need to balance the exhaust fan’s activity. The literature provided by the exhaust hood’s manufacturer typically provides this information, which it measures in CFMs (cubic feet per minute) exhausted by the fan.
  • Another important step for those purchasing exhaust fans is to figure out whether the space the fan will go in requires negative or neutral pressure. This will depend on the classification of the building and the designated purpose of the interior space you are working with. Consult a local building official to obtain this information.
  • Some building codes will dictate specific amounts of make-up air which must be replaced for an exhaust hood’s output. There are some ways besides fans to try to make up air—by bringing in air from a dining area, from ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted displacement diffusers, or from other forms of diffusers.

However, make-up air fans are the failsafe way to ensure that the air expelled by an exhaust hood is being adequately replaced!

If exhaust hoods can be considered the central piece of a commercial kitchen, than a proper make up air fan can be seen as this centerpiece’s lifeblood! A successful food operation starts with the best equipment—come see what options HoodMart has to offer today!

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