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The Making of a Concessions Stand: What You�ll Need

Concessions stands and food carts are enormously popular in the United States. Far from being a warm-weather fad specific to certain places, there is a market for concessions stands and food trucks everywhere one looks!

There�s money to be made in running food carts, but the proper preparation and equipment� ventilation, air conditioning, and more�are essential to a successful food cart! Here is a rundown of the keys to success for concessions stand businesses of all sorts:

  • As they say�location, location, location! Decide on a good location, either a permanent one or a spot for special events like games and concerts. Other special events that are good to stake out by�fairs, carnivals, festivals, and flea markets.
  • Plan financially. How much money can you put behind this project? Be sure to stay realistic, and make sure you can afford a trailer, an exhaust hood, food and food ingredients, preparation supplies, etc.
  • Select a type of food or cooking you would like your concessions truck to specialize in. Be sure to see which types of food are popular locally, as well as which foods may fill a gap in the local concessions market! Consider the dietary trends of your target market. Are vegetarian or gluten-free diets popular in the area, for instance?
  • Find out about state and local licensing for concessions stands and food trucks. Depending on the region you are operating in, these requirements may range from extremely permissive to very strict, so be sure you know what you are getting into! Feel free to ask other local operators of concession stands about their experiences gaining approval to launch carts.
  • Obtain contacts who are reliable sources of food products, supplies, and other goods. You want to make sure that you will be able to acquire the ingredients that go into your concessions food consistently and reproduce the product on a regular basis. If you are getting a one-time deal for your first order of food supplies, be wary�you should ideally have a long-term solution in place.
  • Make sure you are well-versed in the principles of starting and operating a small business. Do you know what the barriers to entry will be? Are you prepared to handle the challenges of advertising, hiring employees, managing finances, and more? Be sure you are prepared to rise to the task!

A successful concessions stand will, above all, need the proper ventilation system to keep it running like clockwork. Have a look at HoodMart concessions exhaust hoods today!

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