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The Montana Grille Kitchen Fire Aftermath

Fire Smoke

Restaurant owners can never be too careful when it comes to preventing kitchen fires. The damage is too costly. Consider a recent article for WBKO titled “Montana Grille Fire Investigation Complete.”

The author of the article writes, “Montana Grille remains closed, as fire officials continue investigating the cause of yesterday's fire. ‘We had a kitchen fire. It is pretty bad in the back, but everything up front is pretty in tact,’ said John Morrison, Area Vice President, Montana Grille. Flames and smoke consumed a portion of the restaurant, prompting Bowling Green Fire Department's assistance, around 4 o'clock yesterday. ‘We had heavy fire and smoke showing. We were here for several hours trying to battle the blaze, but we got the fire out fairly quickly,’ Marlee Boenig, Bowling Green Fire Department. While knocking through exterior walls and roofing, the fire department discovered barriers. Barriers so intense, in fact, it is delaying the investigation process. ‘We've got some equipment on the roof that is extremely heavy, so we're going to have to get some cranes in here to remove that. It is in danger of falling in. We don't want to send our investigators in there until it is safe,’ said Marlee Boenig, Bowling Green Fire Department. This fire hose and caution tape are not the only remnants of yesterday's blaze. Management is making adjustments for employees. ‘We're working on that as we speak, we're going to take care of our people. Thank goodness we were just getting open. We had a little staff in there. They all left orderly. That is the real blessing, that absolutely nobody was hurt,’ said John Morrison, Area Vice President, Montana Grille. Fire officials say a more intense investigation will begin tomorrow, but as of now, the cause of the fire remains unknown.”

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