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The Necessity of Range Hoods

Opening a restaurant � whether a high-end gourmet place or a mobile food truck � can be a dream come true for many entrepreneurs. As with any budding enterprise, it pays to use the right tools for the right job. And that includes selecting the right range hood for your eating establishment�s cooking area � no matter how large or small.

Range Hoods are necessary for commercial cooking operations for many reasons. Most obviously, it�s necessary to ventilate grease, moisture and cooking odors from your commercial kitchen, if only to keep the atmosphere breathable for your employees. Just as obviously, though sometimes overlooked in the rush to get a business up and running, range hoods remove materials � grease, in particular � that are potentially combustible. And the only place you want a fire is where it belongs: Safely contained near the food you prepare to serve to your customers.

Various considerations come into play when selecting the right range hood for your enterprise. The actual size that you will need will very likely depend on local building codes and regulations. Typically, any range hood that you install over your equipment must extend beyond cooking areas by at least 6 inches, though a full 12 inches is often the case.

Let�s say that you want to install a hood over a stovetop range area that�s 36� wide, a stainless work table that�s also 36� wide, a 24� char broiling machine and a grill, also 36� wide. Assuming all four items are side-by-side (with the work table at the interior of the arrangement, not at one or another end), you have an overall measurement of 132�, or 11 feet. However, remember to add on at least 6� at either end of the machine cluster, and the minimum length of the hood would be 12 feet.

You�ll also want to calculate the amount of air flow you will need to safely remove cooking vapors. This can be calculated in terms of Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). An exhaust fan with the capability of removing 1000 CFM of air from a kitchen that is 2250 cubic feet in size (15� x 15� x 10�) would take roughly 2 1/4 minutes (1000 CFM for each of 2 minutes, then 250 CFM in 15 seconds) to effectively clear your kitchen of cooking vapors.

Of course, these are only a few of the many considerations to bear in mind when planning to install a restaurant hood (Fire Suppression Systems are, in our opinion, a must-have). Give one of our experts a call to discuss your organization�s particular needs!

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