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The USA�s Best Cities for Food Carts and Concession Stands

With each passing year, the popularity of food carts in the United States skyrockets. Especially in warm months, Americans love to grab their meals from

There�s money to be made in running food carts, but the proper equipment�ventilation, air conditioning, and more�is essential to a successful food cart! Here is a look at some of the top U.S. cities to eat �street meat:�

  • Austin. This was an easy one! Texas� oddball cultural hotspot, Austin boasts a wide variety of massive food truck parks. The South Austin Trailer Park and Eatery, the Barton Springs Road gathering, and many more locations offer a wide variety of delicious food options!
  • Chicago. Though Chicago legalized cooking in trucks and carts later than most other cities we�ll list, America�s third-largest city has more than made up for its late start in quantity and quality! Chicago�s world-famous deep-dish pizza can be bought at trucks, including renowned brand Giordano�s. And the Southern Mac Truck�s mac n� cheese dishes are already the stuff of legend in food cart circles!
  • Los Angeles. One of the most historic food cart scenes in the U.S. is the one in L.A. The food trucks are constantly on the move, but the city�s best offerings rank among the nation�s best. Grilled Cheese Truck, Border Grill, The Coolhaus Truck, and Kogi BBQ Taco Truck are among the city�s many legendary food truck options!
  • Madison. Wisconsin�s capital and big university town has a rich and vibrant food cart culture. The University of Wisconsin�s Library Mall and Capitol Square comprise the center of the city�s food cart offerings. FIB (Fine Italian Beef & Sausage) was named the U.S.�s best food cart of 2012 by a panel of freelance tasters, so Madison isn�t playing around at the concessions cart game!
  • Portland. Portland, like Austin, features on many such lists of U.S. cities with leading alternative cultural options! Portland�s Cartlandia cart pod, located on SE 82nd offers the great food, beer, and coffee that have become Portland�s hallmarks. And the city is chock-full of great pods of food trucks, with over 500 around the city and new offerings on a regular basis!
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