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This Simple Idea Could Help a Food Truck Reach a Whole New Audience

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Food truck owners are likely to focus on the food, and while that’s important, good food is not the only thing that’s important to the success of any restaurant – including a food truck. There must be a way to let the public know about the food being offered. Social media can go a long way, but we recently ran across a unique experiment that introduced a large group of people to a food truck they otherwise wouldn’t have known about. Hoodmart is here with the story.

Get students involved in a hands-on lesson

College students are one of the most highly sought after consumer demographics because they spend money. That’s why a recent experiment between food trucks and college students was particularly interesting to us.

Essentially, students taking a Consumer Science and Applied Engineering Technology class worked with owners of local food trucks to visit the trucks and talk about how to start a food truck business and how to maintain it. The teacher wanted to get the students thinking outside of the box while they thought about working together as a team, opening a business, and entrepreneurship in general.

What’s in it for the food trucks

You may be able to see that this is great for students, but how does it help food trucks? In two ways, actually. First of all, part of the project for the students involved learning the food and safety codes the trucks must follow, like having the right commercial exhaust hood, but other assignments had the students thinking about marketing plans, growing the business, and increasing the profits. The owner of the food truck can certainly benefit from this free planning.

Of course, the food truck will also gain traction with the local college. These students are likely to talk to their classmates about the food trucks they toured, and the college may give special permission for the trucks to park near campus so students can tour them. Even if a truck isn’t allowed to sell on campus, they can at least get their name out there.

There are a million and one ideas to get food trucks moving

This is just one idea that could help in a college town. It essentially costs nothing yet could significantly increase the word of mouth about a particular truck. At Hoodmart, we’re always interested in the innovative ways food trucks market themselves.

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