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Top 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood

commercial kitchen exhaust hood

If you’re a kitchen manager or chef who’s responsible for buying a new commercial kitchen exhaust hood, then you likely have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for. However, at Hoodmart we know that it never hurts to get the advice of an experienced expert. We’ve been in this business a long time and want to share with our clients the top three most important things we hope you’re considering before choosing your exhaust hood.

1. Type 1 or 2 designation

If you’ve been looking at options already then you likely saw some designated as Type 1 and some designated as Type 2. So which one will work best for you? It depends on the type of food you regularly cook. Your Type 1 is manufactured to be liquid-tight and comes with a fire prevention system. This is often the choice for kitchens that cook with anything that produces significant grease or smoke. On the other hand, those who typically only bake or steam things will be fine with a Type 2 hood.

2. The exhaust rate

The exhaust rate, which means how much air is taken out of your space, is measured by cubic feet per minute – CFM. This rate you need depends once again on what you’re cooking and how much heat, grease, and smoke you’re producing. To get the exact CFM that you need, give us a call or talk to another ventilation expert. 

3. Size and mounting height

You’ll also need to think about the actual size of the hood itself. Is it large enough to provide the capture zone you need? Will it fit in your kitchen? We generally find that hoods are best when they extend well beyond the spot where your appliances are installed. This helps you keep smoke and grease from getting out into the surrounding areas. Likewise, it must be installed at the right height. We can’t tell you what will work best for you but we do want to make sure you’re taking it into consideration.

Do these tips help you make sense of what commercial kitchen exhaust hood will work best for your kitchen? If so, go ahead and find what you need on our site. If you still have questions, reach out to us and we’ll help as best we can. When you want the best prices and the best exhaust equipment, you want Hoodmart.

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