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The Top 3 Commercial Kitchen Trends for 2017

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No matter what type of commercial kitchen you run, it’s likely that you’re always looking for the latest and greatest in technology. In fact, one of the most exciting things about running and working a commercial kitchen is the ability to respect the products and techniques of the past while also keeping an eye open to the future. At Hoodmart, we are proud to offer the best ventilation systems for commercial kitchens and today we want to share the top three trends for commercial kitchens in 2017.

1. Keeping it clean

Some of the newest products coming out are anti-microbial products. Restaurants need to keep their restaurant kitchens not just looking clean but actually clean. That said, many of the current options on the market either make the kitchen more challenging to use or don’t help at all with style. Manufacturers are looking for ways to make attractive, functional agents that will make kitchens safer in 2017.

2. Healthy eating

It wasn’t long ago that eating healthy automatically meant a lack of flavor for many people. Today, restaurants around the country are finding unique ways to make food more healthful without giving up on flavor and kitchen equipment is reflecting this. For example, Bosch has a new convection steam oven out that makes it easy to cook healthy while still have delicious food. Many restaurants are also adding water filtration systems too, to ensure their drinking water is healthy and safe for their customers.

3. Clutter-free commercial kitchens

When many people think of a commercial kitchen, they think of a small, cramped, dark space that’s overwhelmed with tools of the trade. While this was a necessity of the past, new innovations are making it easier than ever before to keep kitchens orderly and clutter free. This also helps to make kitchens safer by preventing many accidents that can happen when tools are out and about.

At Hoodmart, we provide commercial kitchen ventilation systems that are tried and true. As the actual manufacturer of these products, we have a lot more experience and expertise in how ventilation works and what your restaurant needs, compare to your local rep at a general restaurant equipment store. We can offer factory direct prices, too!

If you’re considering new equipment for your kitchen in 2017, Hoodmart is here to help. Get in touch with us today to learn more about some of the most advanced ventilation appliances on the market.

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