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Upgrading Food Truck Equipment

Inside Food Truck

Trying to upgrade kitchen equipment in a concession trailer or food truck can be a daunting task for vendors who don’t carefully plan the process. Just because a Commercial Kitchen operation is mobile doesn’t make it exempt from the kind of planning and care that would ordinarily go into the renovating of a stationary, brick-and-mortar establishment.

According to Mobile Cuisine, there are five easy steps to take when preparing to upgrade food truck equipment:

Start by creating a budget. Yes, we know that it’s tempting to make money no object as you dream big about the terrific upgrades that would make your food truck the envy of the fleet. Trouble is, there’s no sense dreaming big if the budget isn’t there.

Next, schedule the improvements to be added: Decide which items your truck most desperately needs this year – whether a new Concession Hood or Fire Suppression System -- with one or two more such items to follow in successive years.

Shop around for replacement equipment, and look for the best deals. With Hood Mart, for example, we are the manufacturer, which can save you a significant chunk of change on major upgrades. Determine whether you want to pay cash (set aside each week in an upgrades-only bank account, as dictated by the demands/needs of your budget and schedule, above) or finance the deal.

Compare and contrast interest rates, as well as any promotional rates that could save you a bundle in the long run.

Delve into the warranty information for any and all products that you are considering for your upgrade. While the warranty cost will run you extra up front, it may well prove to be worth the money if something goes awry down the road. After all, many food trucks operate for only limited periods of time each year. You don’t want a piece of new equipment costing you twice in the same year, do you?

By planning ahead and saving regularly, you can save significant amounts of money when upgrading food truck or concession equipment. And by gradually upgrading equipment, you will likely ensure that you operation remains as interruption-free as possible when it counts!

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