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Unsung Hero: What an Exhaust Hood Does for a Commercial Kitchen

Those among us who have never owned or worked in a restaurant may have varying ideas of what goes on in the vast, unknowable kitchen area beyond diners� range of view. The truth is, a great deal happens behind the scenes in a restaurant, and the amount of maintenance, quantity of employees, and sophistication of the equipment that goes on back there would come as a surprise to many! Of course, anyone who has done extensive work in the restaurant industry knows how critical a well-functioning Hoodmart exhaust hood is to an eating establishment�s success. Here�s a closer look:

  • To those who are unfamiliar with the basics of what an exhaust hood does, a primer is in order. An exhaust hood is a device which contains a mechanical fan. An exhaust hood hangs above a stove or cooking surface in a kitchen, and removes airborne grease, any combustible products, smoke, odors, fumes, and steam from the air by evacuating and filtering the air.
  • In a commercial establishment, it is clear that the debris and contaminants listed above are all over the place, and an exhaust hood fills the important role of filtering it out to keep a kitchen safe and workable. However, in commercial dining establishments, fire suppression devices are generally teamed with exhaust fans to ward off risk of grease fires and ensure any that arise are able to be put out quickly. Fresh air fans are also common accessories for hoods. Obviously this is a major contribution to the safety and accessibility of a restaurant and its kitchen!
  • Three chief components of an exhaust hood are as follows�a skirt to contain rising gases, at least one grease filter, and a fan to force ventilation.
  • Kitchens need to be properly ventilated in order to function at their best. Any of the following devices� staples of most residential and commercial kitchens�require an exhaust hood to ventilate: deep fryers, broilers, pizza ovens, griddles, toasters, Panini grills, woks, and many more kitchen appliances. Given that many restaurant kitchens contain every single one of those things, the benefits of a high-powered exhaust hood are obvious!
  • Exhaust hoods are an absolute must for any commercial kitchen that intends to provide adequate service to its customers. Hoodmart exhaust hoods are a must for any commercial kitchen that plans to provide the highest quality service it can give�find out more today!

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