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What Type of Exhaust Hood Do You Need for Your Restaurant?

Pizza Oven Exhaust Hood

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Hoodmart refers to the best type of exhaust hood needed. This will depend largely on your restaurant, the types of foods you cook, and what’s going to be under your exhaust hood. The best way to find out for sure is to reach out to our experienced associates. Otherwise, read on to get information on some of the most basic options.

Are you cooking anything that has grease?

If your kitchen regularly turns out food that has grease then you’re going to need a type 1 hood. It will also need baffle filters. A type 1 exhaust hood is one that helps to remove vapors that are full of grease. Choosing the wrong exhaust hood in a kitchen that has grease can result in a higher chance of fire.

Are you using steamers, dishwashers, and/or ovens?

If you use anything that’s hot, whether it’s an oven, a steamer, or a dishwasher, then they need type 2 hoods above them. A type 2 hood helps remove heat and/or steam from the kitchen. Not only does this help make the room more comfortable for your employees, but it can help keep smells out of the kitchen — which could then waft into your dining room.

Do you have a pizza oven?

We’re seeing more and more restaurants throughout the country that have pizza ovens in them. As huge pizza fans, we’re glad to see it! However, when it comes to choosing an exhaust hood for a pizza oven, it’s not so cut and dry.

If you have a deck pizza oven then you’ll want a type 2 hood that will get rid of the excessive heat that pizza ovens bring to the kitchen. On the other hand, a kitchen that has a conveyor pizza oven is going to benefit from a type 1 hood.

Do you have additional questions about your pizza oven options?

If the above information didn’t answer your questions then we encourage you to reach out to Hoodmart. We know that in some cases, the answers to these questions aren’t simple. We aim to provide as much information as we can on our website but we’re always here to answer your specific questions too.

Contact us today to learn more about getting affordable prices on high quality commercial kitchen exhaust equipment.

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