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When Kitchen Fires Threaten Lives

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No matter how you slice it, kitchen fires are devastating. In many cases, they cause crippling amounts of property damage. Then there are the cases where the massive property damage is the least of your problems. Consider a recent article for WCPO titled “Mariemont Mexican grill owner badly burned in kitchen fire.”

Rose-Ann Aragon and Marais Jacon-Duffy of WCPO write, “The owner of a Mexican restaurant in Mariemont is in the hospital after he suffered third degree burns in a kitchen fire last week. Luis Hernandes, 34, was in the kitchen of his restaurant when the fire went up in flames. His brother, Santiago, said Luis was making carnitas and mistakenly poured water into a pot with burning oil. The fire spread quickly through the kitchen and burned the restaurant's owner on his chest, back, arms and the back of his head. ‘I ran to him. Pulled him out of the fire,’ Santiago, 32, said. ‘He pushed me away.’ The restaurant's doors are closed indefinitely, Santiago said. This is the first time the restaurant has closed its doors since its opening four years ago. ‘It means a lot for him -- it means a lot for me,’ Santiago said. ‘I'm never going to leave my brother behind. I'm going to help him as much as I can.’ Customers and Mariemont neighbors started a fundraising page for the restaurant and its owner and his family (he has three children). In a few days, more than $20,000 was raised for the family and the restaurant. ‘It means a lot. It means a lot because some times you think that you're by yourself. Sometimes you don't think that a lot of people really care for you. and seeing all means a lot for us.’”

When it comes to fire suppression systems for your kitchen, we’ve got you covered at HoodMart, your one stop hood exhaust hood shop for high quality commercial and restaurant kitchen exhaust, grease, odor and fume ventilation equipment. At HoodMart, every commercial kitchen exhaust hood and ventilation system is available with pre-piped fire suppression.

Furthermore, our entire product lineup of Stainless Steel, Hybrid, Makeup-Air and Ventless Exhaust Range Hoods are guaranteed to pass all state and local codes. Our Exhaust Hoods are built to NFPA 96 Standards, are ETL Listed, and comply with UL 710 Standards.

No matter what hood exhaust and kitchen fire suppression system needs you might have, look no further than HoodMart!

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