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9' x 48" Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood

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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood 9'x48"
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood 9'x48"
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Your 9' x 48"Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Only Package Includes:

  • Exhaust Fan (1pc)
  • Mounting Curb Wall / Roof (1pc)
  • Filters
  • Pre-Wired Light(s)
  • Stainless Grease Cup(s)
  • Hanging Brackets

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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Package Features

✔ All hoods are constructed of 18 gauge steel

✔ All joints are welded liquid tight, without seams by an automatic wire fed mig welder

✔ All hoods are built in accordance to NFPA 96, NSF specifications, & U.L. 710 specifications

✔ Grease trough is made to receive grease extracted by filters

✔ Grease filters are baffle type (20’’ wide), U.L. listed, made of light weight aluminum steel

✔ A stainless steel cup attaches to the tray that runs beneath the entire length of the hood


Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood System Overview

"The many design advantages of HoodMart commercial kitchen exhaust hoods makes them a popular choice of professional installers Nationwide."

Commercial kitchen hoods are your most important piece of kitchen equipment, but often under appreciated as part of your restaurant and the ventilation system that connects to it. HoodMart exhaust hoods come equipped with reliable, high-powered fans or blowers to remove odors and improve the indoor air quality inside your kitchen. Commercial kitchen fans also remove moisture, which can increase the level of humidity. Of course we all know that high humidity can cause mold, mildew and bacteria growth which ultimately results in major health code violations.

Vented kitchen fans help to maintain proper indoor air quality. They also help remove pollutants, cooking odors, moisture and grease from the restaurant's kitchen. A commercial kitchen exhaust hood must deal effectively with grease to expel this odor. One reason that commercial kitchen fans are so powerful is that they must maintain the proper velocity to draw all cooking contaminants into the hood. If this is not accomplished properly, grease gets deposited throughout the kitchen, creating a severe fire hazard and the risk of a kitchen fire. Because of this, a commercial kitchen exhaust hood differs drastically from a residential exhaust hood.

Restaurant kitchen fans are important to maintaining indoor air quality. The properly sized exhaust hood system will help make sure that "proper breathing" of the restaurant kitchen is acheived. These restaurant and commercial kitchen exhaust hood systems must be properly installed by certified technicians and they also must be performance-tested for proper ventilation.

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