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Reasons Why Food Truck Businesses Falter

Like any good business idea that begins to gain momentum, operating a food truck or Concession Stand brings both rewards and challenges, particularly as those kinds of businesses begin to catch on in certain areas and adapt to customer demand... Read More

The Automating of Fast Food

While fast-food choices still remain popular with a number of people, profit margins in that sector of the food service business aren’t exactly huge. A combination of food and labor costs ends up biting into as much as two-thirds of fast-food revenue... Read More

Crazy Concession Stand Classics

With baseball season getting underway for 2015, it’s worth asking what some of the new concession items will be, as food purveyors seek to balance traditional delights with health-conscious and trendy offerings... Read More

To-Do List for Spring Food Truck Openings

With spring finally in the air in many locations around the United States, it won’t be long before food truck businesses that were dormant for the winter will get things started back up again... Read More

Can Your Food Truck Pass OSHA Inspections?

In addition to needing to meet safety and health requirements of local regulatory organizations, food trucks (and other mobile businesses, such as Concession Trailers) need to be able to satisfy the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards... Read More

Concessions Go to the Movies

There’s a reason why you’ve likely started seeing more and more concession-style food items available at the movie theater: Depending on where you live, the expanded menus are another way for the theaters to make more money... Read More

Restaurant Fire Safety Refresher

In another installment of our reminders on restaurant kitchen safety – Private Large Kitchen Safety and Restaurant Safety Dos and Don’ts being two others worth looking over – it’s time to take another look at restaurant fire safety basics... Read More

Outfitting a Floating Pizzeria

Fans of food trucks have likely gotten used to the convenience and pleasure of strolling down a sunny street, checking out which trucks are present and which specials look appetizing, and then choosing what they’d like to have for lunch or dinner – all of it seemingly on the spur of the moment... Read More

Safer Cooking Strategies

When it comes to Restaurant Safety, people generally understand – with some regular reminding – that it’s not a good idea to run on wet floors or to handle sharp objects loosely or carelessly. And much has been written about protecting customers from the hazards of food-borne illnesses... Read More

Social Media Engagement for Food Trucks

Parking your food truck in exactly the right spot – provided you can do so without running afoul of any regulations or prior “dibs” on the space – can be a challenge. The location you select might look ideal in terms of its proximity to foot traffic... Read More

Upgrading Food Truck Equipment

Trying to upgrade kitchen equipment in a concession trailer or food truck can be a daunting task for vendors who don’t carefully plan the process. Just because a Commercial Kitchen operation is mobile doesn’t make it exempt from the kind of planning and care... Read More

Kitchen Venting and High-Rise Buildings

When a fire tragically breaks out in a Commercial Kitchen Ventilation system in a high-rise building, with the fire having the potential to spread into the exhaust duct above, fire department personnel must quickly ascertain two things: Where does the duct... Read More

Private Large Kitchen Safety

Those who are members of social and religious organizations tend to have a special appreciation for the need to properly care for the community’s meeting facilities. This includes proper maintenance and operation of any and all Commercial Kitchen Ventilation equipment... Read More

Ready for Food Truck Franchising?

With franchise businesses expected to generate more than 4.5% of U.S. Gross Domestic Product in 2015 – and with restaurants being the largest franchisors – is your food truck concept strong enough to consider joining the big boys in Franchise Land?... Read More

Restaurant Safety Dos and Don’ts

Workplace injuries in the restaurant industry result in direct costs such as higher workers’ compensation insurance premiums. However, there are also hidden costs, beyond the trauma to the workplace that results from a workplace injury... Read More

Tracking Food Trucks Via GPS

Practically anyone following the development and growth of the food truck industry could have seen this one coming: Rather than having to take one’s chances as to which trucks are parked where on any given day – some communities only specify general areas for the trucks... Read More

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Basics

In our age of ultra-specialization, it can sometimes be tempting in the restaurant business to home in on the latest technological advances and the more attention-grabbing tweaks to machines. Which is why, every now and then... Read More

Vent Safety During Snowstorms

One potential problem following a heavy snowstorm is that people often labor under the mistaken assumption that the next epic weather event won’t occur for several more years. Or even decades.... Read More

A Range Hood Makeover

For homeowners who opt to install a Commercial Range Hood in their kitchen - or even restaurant operators who want to spruce up their open kitchen – it may be possible to give the hood a cosmetic makeover. After all, you may enjoy the improved circulation that a commercial hood... Read More

Food Truck Fare Is Booming

Of all of the indicators that show that the nation’s economy is on an upswing, maybe the least noticeable of all is what’s been happening with food truck prices lately... Read More

Designing Around Range Hoods

There are certain situations in which it makes sense to keep all of your kitchen ventilation machines exposed and uncovered – particularly if that’s what the local building code in your area dictates. With many restaurant operations featuring so-called open kitchens, though, it can sometimes make... Read More

Building an Outdoor Kitchen

Tuning available outdoor spaces into enjoyable living areas continues to remain popular with many homeowners. The “outdoor room” has certainly progressed in concept beyond a few rattan chairs and a fire pit. These days, people design and install entire kitchen spaces outdoors... Read More

Only Good Teamwork Can Prevent Kitchen Fires

There should be no argument that commercial kitchens are far safer when the appliances are protected by fire suppression systems. Particularly since the materials in a typical commercial kitchen – cooking and deep-frying oils – have the potential to spread a small fire more quickly... Read More

Minimizing Bacteria in Commercial Kitchen Hoods

It’s easy enough to grasp the concept that without Exhaust Hoods, virtually every commercial kitchen on the planet would be full of grease and smoke before the lunch rush reached its peak... Read More

Colonial Kitchens, Pre-Hood Mart

Life during Colonial times, historians and writers of fiction often suggest, was simpler and less filled with problems than it is today. When you consider the demands of trying to cook a meal in a Colonial-era kitchen, though, technological conveniences like Commercial Kitchen Ventilation start to look like a decent... Read More

Going Ventless

There are no roof fans to install, no duct work to run and no separate hood to hang in place. Because of all of this, ventless commercial hoods not only save on accessories and installation, they eliminate the need to cut open your roof, thereby saving you the ordeal of ensuring that... Read More

Commercial Kitchen Design Considerations

Maintaining a restaurant is no easy job. Apart from managing challenging business operations, a restaurant owner must also properly set up and maintain a quality commercial kitchen. There are many ways to lay out and install equipment in a commercial kitchen, so difficult choices... Read More

Do-It-Yourself: Installing Range Hood Ducts

Ventilation hoods are an essential appliance for any commercial kitchen. However, range hoods also are popularly used in home kitchens. Even a smaller cooking area benefits from a ventilation system, which can keep out grease, contaminated vapors, and maintain a steady air pressure... Read More

Going Beyond Concession Basics

Going Beyond Concession Basics Time was when all that anyone expected – or seemingly wanted – from a concession stand was a hot dog or burger, maybe a cardboard boat full of crinkle-cut fries or onion rings and a sugary soft drink to wash it all down... Read More

Meet Restaurant Equippers

Whether you’re looking to complete your commercial kitchen with name brand equipment from some of the most trusted names in the industry (such as Blodgett, Duke and Vulcan), seeking advice from restaurant industry specialists or simply hoping to find low warehouse prices as well as fast delivery... Read More

How to Optimize Makeup Air

For a Commercial Kitchen Ventilation (CKV) system to work well there has to be an effective air balance. Otherwise, the all-important exhaust hood may not work correctly, resulting in problems that could have been avoided with proper planning... Read More

Is Tipping Out of Control?

Drama isn’t just for celebrity chefs and high-pressure kitchens. Front-of-restaurant controversies can also come into play in the restaurant business... Read More

Keeping Your Hood Exhaust System Clean

Once you’ve finally chosen the right Commercial Exhaust Hood to keep the air moving in your restaurant kitchen, a whole host of questions arise concerning the maintenance of what will prove to be an absolutely critical machine for your business. Not only will the hood remove odors and... Read More

Home Kitchens of Famous Chefs

Much as cobbler’s children have been known to wear shoes in disrepair – despite the cobbler’s professional skill in repairing everyone else’s boots or loafers – it stands to reason that celebrity chefs might not want the hassle of dealing with a commercial-scale enterprise in their own homes.... Read More

Reasons for Buying a Fire Suppression System

No restaurant owner wants to contemplate what would occur should there be a kitchen fire in his or her establishment. At the same time, it’s critical to understand that any fire that potentially involves common kitchen items such as grease and cooking oil has the potential to spread very quickly... Read More

Breezing Through a Food Truck Health Inspection

You’ve ordered, received and installed every bit of the commercial kitchen ventilation that you needed for your food truck. Business has been brisk. Everything seems to be running smoothly. Until the health department decides to inspect your operation to make sure everything is also... Read More

Exhaust Hood Specifications, Explained

Exhaust hoods are versatile and indispensable appliances for commercial kitchens. Day-to-day food preparation tasks are unthinkable without the assistance of a proper exhaust hood and ventilation system... Read More

Range and Exhaust Hood Buying Tips for Beginners

For those new to kitchen maintenance, ventilation systems may seem complex and foreign. Fortunately, the devices which keep kitchens clean and safe are easy to understand with a bit of background knowledge... Read More

Creative Uses of Exhaust Hoods

Known as the stalwarts of successful kitchens, exhaust hoods are high-powered appliances with many capabilities. Quality hoods can clean out a kitchen’s air, recycle it, reduce the risk of fires, and maintain a steady room air pressure at the same time... Read More

Cleaning a Kitchen Exhaust System, in Steps

Kitchen ventilation systems work wonders for homemakers, chefs, and cooking enthusiasts everywhere. However, these systems require maintenance, cleaning, and attention in order to continue running smoothly at all times... Read More

Replacing an Exhaust Hood

An exhaust system adds utility to any kitchen setup. The benefits of keeping air pressure and quality stable, averting the risk of fires, and keeping a cooking area usable make ventilation systems useful in any cooking setting... Read More

Reasons to Choose Ventless Exhaust Hood Systems: for Homes and Restaurants

Range hoods are a necessary component of commercial kitchen cooking. However, those who cook at home often favor the use of a hood. As exhaust hoods are able to cleanly and efficiently filter contaminated air and grease out of a kitchen, they are an invaluable asset to any chef... Read More

Types of Commercial Exhaust Hoods

Commercial exhaust hoods are perhaps the most integral components of successful commercial kitchens. Responsible for keeping the air clean, the employees safe, and the area clear of fire hazards, exhaust hoods do a good deal of heavy lifting for restaurants and other food... Read More

Short Cycle vs. Long Cycle Exhaust Hoods

Exhaust hoods often come with makeup air systems. These pumps are coveted in heavy-duty commercial kitchens for their ability to replace air cycled out of a kitchen by an exhaust hood, thus maintaining a stable air pressure and a clean environment... Read More

Reasons to Buy an Exhaust Hood Directly from the Manufacturer

There are many well-documented benefits of buying merchandise directly from a company. Cutting out middle man types along the way can save you some hassle and a lot of money. Here are the benefits to buying items, especially ventilation system equipment, directly from the manufacturer... Read More

America’s Wackiest Concession Stand Foods

Concession stands and food trucks are known for their creativity and diversity. Freed of many of the conformities of the restaurant industry, freshly cooked food from concessions stands... Read More

Spooktacular Savings: HoodMart Halloween Specials are Here!

The end of October is coming. This of course means that holiday season is coming—the Halloween holiday, that is! One of the most fun-spirited holidays on the calendar, the coming of Halloween merits fun for restaurant owners as well. That’s why HoodMart now has special Halloween discounts... Read More

What’s in a Hood: the Varieties of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

Perhaps the most ubiquitous of all commercial kitchen necessities, exhaust hoods can vary widely in their purpose and type. Separate types of hoods are required for different types of kitchens, depending on what foods are being prepared, the quantity of food needed, and the size... Read More

The Wonders of Ventless Hood Systems

One of the first things a commercial kitchen must take care of is setting up a proper exhaust hood. While all restaurant operators are well aware of what capabilities and traits a hood must have, some are unaware of how many types of hoods they can have... Read More

Commercial Pizza Cooking and the Role of Pizza Hoods

Among all popular fast foods, perhaps pizza is the most universally popular. We all love pizza, but the task of preparing to produce and serve it in a commercial kitchen can be a daunting one! Pizza cooking requires special equipment and maintenance, as well as a careful eye toward... Read More

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