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Tips and Advice From the Hood Experts at Hoodmart

Are Ductless Commercial Kitchen Hoods Effective?

In addition to the two most common types of commercial hoods, known as Type 1 and Type 2, there is another type of commercial hood, the ductless hood. Ductless hoods are not typically the first choice for use in a restaurant kitchen, but if there are no other options they can be an adequate substitute.

When to Use a Ductless Hood

Ideally, a commercial hood will be vented to the outdoors to effectively clear the smoke, grease, fumes, odors, vapors and moisture from the cooking area. This may not always be possible or cost effective, depending on the building design. In these cases, consideration of a ductless commercial hood may be appropriate.

When a commercial hood is vented, it can more easily clean the air. Ductless commercial hoods will clean the air and filter it, but then the air is recirculated and may not be as fresh and clean as compared to a standard commercial kitchen ventilation system.

Designing a ventilation system for a restaurant kitchen is a task that should be handled with care. If at all possible, the use of ductless commercial hoods should be avoided; however, a ductless hood is always better than no hood at all. In fact, no commercial kitchen will be allowed to operate without proper ventilation.

If using a ductless commercial hood, then keeping the filter very clean is especially important. Without the other important ventilation components in place, the ductless hood must be as efficient as possible in order to keep the restaurant kitchen clean. Since the ductless commercial hood will recirculate the air that it filters, it must have an effective filter so that contaminated air does not become recirculated.

Most ductless hoods will use charcoal filters, but a charcoal filter cannot be cleaned. This type of filter must be periodically replaced with a new one and the frequency with which it needs to be replaced will depend on the amount of use. However, if you start to notice any lingering odors in the kitchen area, it’s probably time to replace the filter.

Ductless hoods are not typically as effective as the vented commercial hood, but there are situations in which they can be an adequate substitute for vented hoods.

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