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Tips and Advice From the Hood Experts at Hoodmart

How Much Overhang Does My Exhaust Hood Need?

When you install your exhaust hood, you only want to do it once, so it’s important to get it right on the first try. However, before you can even think of installing an exhaust hood, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve bought the correct size hood for your kitchen.

State fire and health codes dictate exhaust hood requirements for overhang specifications. Most often, the hood should be six inches larger on all sides compared to the equipment that is under it. This will allow the greatest amount of contaminated air and pollutants to be captured into the exhaust system. In wide open spaces, the more overhang the better because air turbulence tends to make cooking vapors spread. An example of this is when anybody walks past the cooking area; the cooking vapor can be pulled out from under the hood unless there’s a margin of protection which an overhang will provide.

Although it’s customary to have a six inch overhang on all sides of the exhaust hood, you’ll also want to consult your building code office. They might have exhaust hood requirements that dictate more overhang than the standard six inches.

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