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Tips and Advice From the Hood Experts at Hoodmart

The Differences Between New and Used Commercial Hood Equipment

New restaurants are often on a tight budget and looking for ways to cut costs. One of the ways that they often try to do so is by purchasing used restaurant equipment. While some types of restaurant equipment can be purchased used without much risk, such as tables, chairs, décor, etc., cooking appliances and commercial kitchen ventilation equipment should be purchased new for a number of reasons.

Buying New Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Equipment

First and foremost, all cooking and commercial kitchen ventilation equipment must be properly insured, so having the original manufacturer’s warranty is important. Most of these types of equipment have nontransferable warranties. This means that it will be difficult to get the right insurance on the equipment if it is purchased used.

Often times, restaurant owners buy used equipment thinking that they will be saving money. However, when it comes to commercial vent hoods, they may need to be adjusted and even possibly repaired. By the time those costs are figured in, a restaurant owner could have purchased a brand new piece of equipment that comes fully warrantied.

Saving money on a restaurant startup is important, but not at the cost of safety. It can be difficult to know for sure if commercial hoods or commercial kitchen ventilation equipment has ever been in a fire. However, you should know the history of the equipment you are purchasing. Just as when buying a used car, you would want to make sure that the car was never in an accident.

Make economical choices when they make sense, such as buying non-electrical and non-appliance used equipment. But when it comes to commercial kitchen ventilation equipment, be sure to buy new, quality equipment for safety. If you must purchase used equipment or a used commercial hood, be sure to do plenty of research and find out if the warranty will still apply.

Working with a commercial ventilation designer may be the best way to go. They can often help you locate good used equipment that will fit your needs and requirements, without compromising the safety and effectiveness of the system.

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