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Tips and Advice From the Hood Experts at Hoodmart

When to Use Portable Ventless Commercial Hood Equipment

Typically, a commercial kitchen ventilation system must be installed complete with a commercial vent hood to remove all smoke, heat, vapors, steam, odors and grease from the cooking area. This is to ensure proper ventilation, and to avoid the kitchen area from becoming contaminated with smoke, grease, odors and heat. In doing so, the kitchen will remain properly ventilated and safe for workers, as well as more pleasant for the patrons of the restaurant. A commercial hood is also necessary for fire prevention, as they come with built in fire suppression equipment that will automatically activate in the event of a fire. However, what do you do if you need a hood that can be installed over smaller cooking appliances?

When a Ventless Hood Makes Sense

While commercial hoods are usually permanently installed, there are also ventless exhaust hoods that are portable and can be installed for use over most types of smaller cooking appliances. The ventless hood requires no ductwork, and installation is far less invasive than a full commercial kitchen ventilation system. Regardless, this type of hood is still effective at removing pollutants from the kitchen area.

Ventless exhaust hoods are perfect for electric fryers and other smaller equipment that still requires ventilation and fire protection. The ventless hoods come with a state-of-the-art wet chemical fire suppression system that can handle grease fires. This type of commercial hood must be connected to the cooking appliance, and the appliance will not be able to operate without the hood. Ventless hoods can accommodate a cooking area of 24-30” and they’re made of stainless steel, making regular cleaning extremely easy.

This type of commercial kitchen ventilation equipment is becoming more popular in restaurant and cafeteria kitchens because it eliminates the need for structural modifications to the building, such as installation of ductwork and exhaust fans. However, ventless hoods aren’t right for every kitchen. Many restaurant kitchens are too large and have such a high volume of cooking and food preparation, or too much equipment, for the effective use of a ventless hood. Smaller kitchens and cafeterias that use only a few commercial cooking appliances may be ideal for this type of inexpensive and portable system.

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