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Tips and Advice From the Hood Experts at Hoodmart

Stainless Steel Baffle Filters for Commercial Hoods

Many experts in the commercial kitchen ventilation system business recommend using stainless steel baffle type filters, rather than the standard aluminum mesh filters and louvered frame. Baffles are evenly spaced pieces of metal that will direct the airflow as it is drawn into the commercial vent hood. There are several benefits to using the stainless steel baffle type of filter for the commercial hood.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Baffle Filters

One of the main benefits to the baffle type of filter is that grease vapors can pass through more easily. Baffles will cause the grease vapors to swirl around as they are drawn through, and the grease will eventually settle onto the stainless steel baffles. Due to the heat that is generated from the cook top, the grease vapors that settle onto the baffles will form grease that will drip through the filter frame and not get trapped in the duct work or exhaust fans. This helps to reduce the amount of cleaning required in the ductwork.

Another benefit to using stainless steel baffle filters over aluminum mesh filters is that stainless steel has a higher heat rating. These filters are less likely to be damaged by high heat, which is important in kitchens using high temperature cooking appliances such as grills and fryers. Aluminum filters are rated to handle temperatures from 200° to 450°F, while stainless steel baffles can handle temperatures up to 900°.

Finally stainless steel baffle type filters for commercial exhaust hoods are more durable than aluminum mesh types of filters. Stainless steel filters are very durable and will not be damaged by high powered dishwashers or scrubbing, while aluminum filters are easily damaged. Therefore, stainless steel filters have a longer life.

When designing a commercial kitchen ventilation system, choosing the type of filter is part of the process. Stainless steel baffle filters should be considered for high volume commercial kitchens, kitchens that have a high number of cooking appliances, or kitchens with ventilation systems that are difficult to clean.

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