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When Should Your Replace Your Walk-In Cooler Or Freezer?


All appliances have an expected life-span, especially those kitchen components and appliances that are used constantly day in and day out. Basic cleaning and maintenance can help keep your stove, dishwasher, exhaust hood, and other kitchen appliances running for years and years, and the same goes for your kitchen's walk-in cooler or freezer. But just like every other appliance there comes a time and a place when the repair and maintenance costs far outweigh what it would cost to buy and install a new unit. The question is though - at what point should you replace your walk-in cooler or freezer?

Most walk-in units are covered under some sort of warranty, so if you recently purchased the unit and are having minor problems it very well may be covered under your manufacturer's warranty so it's always best to look there first. A replacement part or repair provided through the manufacturer warranty often times will make the walk-in unit work like new and greatly extended the lifetime of your cooler or freezer. If you are out of warranty then you should call a local certified and .....

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