Choosing The Right Walk-In Cooler For Your Business

Walk-in Coolers are most often associated with restaurants and other businesses in the food industry, however they have many practical purposes outside of just keeping food cool. Other types of businesses that benefit from walk-in coolers are floral shops, gas stations, and medical facilities. Your business may benefit greatly form a walk-in cooler, but what type of cooler is best for your business?


If the space is available within your building you can go with an indoor walk-in cooler. Benefits of an indoor walk-in cooler include ease of access for employees and staff, less expensive installation and set-up, and it’s more secure by being housed in the building. Some of the disadvantages are that it could be taking up valuable space inside your building, especially if your business is growing. A walk-in cooler will also be audible from within your building, and does tend to release a lot of hot air.


On the other hand an outdoor cooler may be there better option. Installation is quick and easy (as long as you are installing on a level area), and the hot air produced by the condenser unit is expelled directly into the air. Another huge benefit for most companies looking to utilize a walk-in cooler is the space saved inside by installing the walk-in cooler outdoors.


Aside from the Indoor vs Outdoor argument you have to decide on space. How big of a cooler do you need, and what type of shelving units will work best? Do you want your walk-in cooler to have built-in insulated flooring? For indoor units it is highly recommended to go with insulated flooring to avoid any insulation issues and potential for water damage and mold, however if you are planning on purchasing an outdoor unit you can go with a flourless option if you are installing it on a level concrete area.


Finally - what type of refrigeration system is going to work best for you. A remote condenser is set up away from the cooler itself, allowing for easier ventilation of the unit. The downside to a remote unit is that it’s charged up with refrigerant on site, and requires a professional for installation and repair. A self-contained condenser unit it built into the walk-in cooler and the evaporator coil for these systems is either inside or on top of the cooler itself.


There are several different options and set ups for walk-in coolers, and finding the one that works best for you and your business doesn’t need to be complicated. HoodMart and our team of experts are available to help answer any your questions. You can also check out our walk-in builder tool to get a better idea of what you may need and the price of the right walk-in cooler for you.