Common Warning Signs That Your Walk In Cooler May Need Maintenance

Even if you are on top of your walk-in coolers regular maintenance, it is possible for issues to arise. Sometimes these problems may seem minor at first, but the longer they go unchecked the worse the problem becomes. Look out for these tell-tale signs that there may be a problem with your walk-in cooler to help prevent your walk-in unit from breaking down and needing emergency repairs.

A properly functioning walk-in cooler should keep a steady temperature. If you notice that the temperature seems to be fluctuating over time, there could be a problem with the thermometer, internal sensors, the door seal, or other components. The moment you notice a prolonged fluctuation in temperature that seems out of the ordinary, you should contact a technician to come out and find the cause.

Along with fluctuating temperatures, you should watch for frost build-up. While it may seem like this would be common in a cooler, frost build-up often means that the temperatures inside the walk-in unit are drastically changing. Large temperature changes are not good for the safety of your stored food items. There are a number of reasons why frost could be building up, including a damaged door gasket.

If you are in the walk-in unit and hear what may seem like a strange noise - banging, skipping, etc. - it could mean that there is a mechanical issue with one of the refrigeration system components. You should call in a licensed technician to try to source what is causing the noise and repair it. The longer the noise goes unchecked, the more likely it is to cause more damage.

Strange or stale smells inside of a walk-in cooler could mean that you have a refrigerant leak or that the condenser coil is damaged and needs repair. Check for water leaks as well - this can be due to damage to the insulating panels or damaged seals, and can lead to mold and / or mildew growth inside of the unit. Contact a technician immediately if you notice strange smells or water.

In order to prevent costly repair bills down the line, it is best to teach your employees what to look for when they are in a walk-in cooler that may indicate that there is a problem. The more quickly you can have a technician come out and identify and repair a problem, the less likely it is to cause long-term damage down the line.