How Does The Refrigeration Work Inside Your Walk-In Unit?

The purpose of walk-in refrigeration and coolers is to keep the contents at a cool temperature. Each walk-in unit is comprised of several components - the exterior shell built out of insulated panels, the door, an evaporator, a condenser, and a compressor. Together these components build an air-tight, climate controlled environment. Refrigeration is key for the walk-in unit, but how does refrigeration actually work?

First thing to know about refrigeration is that its purpose is not to make the air cold, but rather remove the heat from the air. Heat is an energy - therefore it is impossible to destroy or get rid of it. With refrigeration the components work to displace the hot air and remove it / move it out of the area. Heating works in the same way - you are not 'heating' the air per say, you are adding more heat to the current air.

What does this look like in the case of a walk-in refrigerator or cooler? First step is the compressor, which captures refrigerant gas and raises its temperature and pressure. This elevated temperature is then passed through condenser coils where the heat is expelled to outside of the unit. It is also in the condenser coils where the refrigerant gas changes from gas form to a gas / vapor before eventually condensing back into a liquid. This liquid is then directed to the unit's evaporator system through the expansion valve or other flow control devices. The purpose of the evaporator system is to allow the refrigerant liquid to absorb the unit's interior heat, and then repeat the process again as a cycle.

In the end the main takeaway regarding refrigeration is that it works by displacing and removing the heat from the air, and not by cooling down the air. Refrigerant is the main ingredient that is passed through each of the components and eventually displaces the hot air out of the unit, thus keeping it cool. And that is how refrigeration inside of your walk-in unit truly works. HoodMart provides our customers with a wide range of walk-in coolers and freezers - as well as all walk-in accessories such as door hinges, kick plates, and light fixtures. HoodMart Walkin Coolers are Guaranteed To Pass ALL City & State Codes. ALL HoodMart® Walk-In Coolers and Freezers are UL Listed Panels and Doors, NSF Listed, EISA & U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Compliant, and Listed and Certified for all States, including City of Houston, State of Oregon, New York City. Custom Hurricane Approved Units Available. If you still have questions regarding the purchase of your walk-in cooler or freezer, please feel free to contact one of our experts today by calling us at 1.800.715.1014 or by contacting us through our live chat system.