Safely Clean Broken Glass In A Walk-In Cooler

Walk-in coolers provide a temperature controlled storage area for companies, allowing them to store all types of items without fear of them going bad or spoiling. This includes restaurants, bars, and wine distributors. Due to the nature of these businesses there is almost always some sort of glass bottle or jar being stored in the walk-in coolers, and almost certainly at some point there will be an accident involving broken glass. Here are some tips to avoid further issues and injury to staff when there’s broken glass.


Due to walk-in coolers being high traffic areas for employees the first step should be to temporarily block off the area where the glass may be. The reason for this is to not only prevent injury from the broken glass but to also keep the area where they may be broken glass contained so that all of the glass may be cleaned and removed. If it is a client-facing walk-in cooler, such as walk-in coolers that allow for customers to go in and pick out wine or beer, you should immediately block off entry to avoid any potential injuries that you will be liable for.


Once the area is blocked off you should begin searching for the pieces of broken glass. If there are racks with boxes, or boxes on the floor, you should consider moving them out of the way to check behind them for any stray pieces of glass that may have found themselves pinned. You may also want to check for any damage the glass may have caused. If the glass caused any damage - tears, rips, punctures - for any items in the cooler it may be necessary to repair or discard of those items.


Cleaning is the final step - and the most time consuming. While a good sweep with a broom and dustpan may seem to do the trick, it may actually cause damage to your floor. For instance if you broken a handful of beer bottles then the beer on the floor will likely cause sticky residue which the glass will stick to, and when you broom over it the glass will likely just dig into your flooring. First steps should be to use a shop vac. Since most shop vacs are meant to work on wet and dry matter it is the ideal tool to clean up the majority of a glass bottle with liquid contents. The shop vac will get up most of the liquid and the glass, leaving behind little residue. After thats done you should only have little specs of the glass left. Continue to vacuum those pieces up, and once dry you can try the shop vac again.


When you feel like everything is cleaned up it’s time to a final inspection. If your walk-in cooler has insulated flooring you should check for any damage to the floor. Check the walk way and door for any pieces of glass or damage to ensure that the walk-in cooler won’t have any problems with fully insulating. If you follow these procedures you should be able to quickly recover and clean up any incident involving broken class within your walk-in cooler.