The Importance of Insulated Flooring For Walk-In Coolers

When looking into a walk-in cooler there may be confusion as to whether or not you would need insulated flooring with the cooler. In most cases it just makes sense for the energy saving benefits alone. A properly insulated walk-in cooler will be more energy efficient. The general rule of thumb is that insulated flooring may not be a necessity are if the walk-in cooler will be located on cement, at ground level, or with no rooms directly underneath it. Simply put - your cooler needs to be insulated. Insulating outside the cooler, however, isn’t always the easiest as there are several strategies and trouble areas to look out for.


If the walk-in cooler will be located directly above another room you risk air leaks and condensation build ups between the two rooms, which will eventually lead to mold. Other factors, such as obstructions or absorbent flooring materials, may require additional materials such as sheet vinyl during installation to prevent mold. So while insulated flooring in the walk-in cooler may not be necessary in this scenario, the complication and issues that could arise if you choose to go floorless with the cooler could wind up costing you way more in the end.


Another time an insulted floor may not be required but should be considered is when installing in a generally warm and humid area, such as a garage or a warehouse. These areas tend to collect pools of moisture which can lead to water damage and mold buildup. If you are installing a walk-in cooler ground level over hardwood floor you may also consider going with an insulated floor to help prevent scratches and water damager to the hardwood flooring underneath the cooler. If the cooler is to be located in an area that is currently carpeted you should absolutely go with insulated flooring. The increase of pressure and humidity caused when placing the walk-in cooler on top of carpet create the perfect storm for mildew, mold, and odors.


There are definitely situations where going with the floorless walk-in cooler option makes sense - for instance if the cooler is going directly over a concrete slab in a dry, cool area then there may really be no need for an insulated flooring. In most cases, however, it may be worth it to go with the insulated flooring. The insulated flooring will help prevent any issues with condensation build up, water damage, mold and mildew, etc. And on top of the preventative benefits fully insulating the walk-in cooler allows for the cooler to run more efficiently which provides energy saving benefits.