Tips For Choosing A Commercial Freezer or Refrigerator

When opening any kitchen space you need to be sure to plan out the layout and account for all equipment. This can be a somewhat tedious task, and there are many considerations that are taken into account when upgrading or designing a new kitchen space. Since commercial refrigeration is a huge investment it is crucial to thoroughly explore your options before masking your decision. Here are some tips to help choosing your cooling unit a bit easier.


Let’s start with the features that you’d need for your operation. The point in a commercial freezer or refrigerator is to help increase day-to-day efficiency, and since each kitchen is unique you need to account for what your specific kitchen space will need. How much food is needed daily for your menu, and is it likely any of it will need to be frozen? Making a list of these types of questions will help you determine the requirements that are absolutely needed when zeroing in on the right cooling solution for you.


Size is another huge deciding factor. When you are replacing an existing refrigeration unit you will already know what size unit is needed, however when it comes to new kitchen spaces it comes down to how much space you have available for a unit as well as how much storage space is going to be needed. Do not make the mistake of underestimating the space you may need - it’s better to have free space inside the unit rather than not have enough.


Next up is the condenser unit - what type of unit location will you need? Generally speaking there are two options - bottom-mounted and top-mounted units. If cleaning and maintenance are a top priority then a bottom-mounted unit may be your best solution due to ease of access to the condenser unit itself, and are typically found in spaces that are not using a grill set up. Top-mounted condenser units offer ease of access to stored food items, and help ensure warm air doesn’t flow into the unit when the door is opened.


Lastly - make sure that whatever unit you are going with meets your local safety codes. Ensuring that you have the perfect fit cooling unit will help to increase efficiency not only in the kitchen, but the overall restaurant efficiency as well. HoodMart provides our customers with a wide range of walk-in coolers and freezers - as well as all walk-in accessories such as door hinges, kick plates, and light fixtures. HoodMart Walkin Coolers are Guaranteed To Pass ALL City & State Codes. ALL HoodMart® Walk-In Coolers and Freezers are UL Listed Panels and Doors, NSF Listed, EISA & U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Compliant, and Listed and Certified for all States, including City of Houston, State of Oregon, New York City. Custom Hurricane Approved Units Available. If you still have questions regarding the purchase of your walk-in cooler or freezer, please feel free to contact one of our experts today by calling us at 1.800.715.1014 or by contacting us through our live chat system.