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Wet Chemical Pre-Piped Fire Suppression Systems

Wet Chemical Restaurant Pre-Piped Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Pre-Piped Fire Suppression Systems

Hoodmart Wet Chemical Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Restaurant Kitchen Safety. Cooking appliances today allow for the potentially dangerous mixture of flammable oils and greases with high efficiency heat sources, creating an environment in which fire is always a constant and hazardous threat. Ventilating systems deposit grease from exhausted vapors throughout the hood system, filters and ducts. Electrical power lines and gas service lines add fuel to this hazardous area and must be shut off in the event of a fire. Alarms and other electrical devices must be activated at a moment's notice and within seconds. Restaurant and Food Service Safety are guaranteed with Hoodmart's Pre-Piped Fire Suppression Systems. Completely integrated for absolute safety against grease and other types of food preparation fire hazards, our wet chemical fire suppression systems have you covered.

HoodMart Wet Chemical is designed for use only in HoodMart Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems. This liquid agent will combat grease-related fires as found in restaurant appliances and ventilating equipment. It should not be used for fires involving energized electrical hazards.

HoodMart Wet Chemical is a specially formulated, aqueous solution of an inorganic salt. The agent is pre-mixed, eliminating the need for dilution before system charging. When used as an extinguishing agent, it will produce no toxic by-products.

When used in HoodMart's Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems, Wet Chemical is extremely effective on fires in restaurant ventilating equipment (hoods and ductwork), as well as in a variety of cooking appliances (deep-fat fryers, griddles, range tops, and several types of broilers and char-broilers). Suitable operating temperature is 32 °F to 120 °F (0 °C to 49 °C). As the agent is sprayed in fine droplets (atomized) onto an appliance grease fire, it provides excellent flame knock-down, surface-cooling, and fire-securing capabilities. When the agent reacts with the hot grease, it forms a layer of foam on the surface of the fat. This soaplike blanket of foam acts as an insulator between the hot grease and the atmosphere, helping to prevent flammable vapors from escaping and reducing the chance for flame reignition. Post-fire cleanup can be readily accomplished by flushing the area with water or steam.

Two Extinguishing Agents. The most efficient fire protection is accomplished when nozzles are selected and aimed at specific hazard areas on each appliance. Hoodmart Pre-Piped Fire Suppression Systems employ the best firefighting attributes of two extinguishing agents...

  • The fast flame knockdown and securing power of wet chemical.
  • The fast cool-down capability of water.


Fast flame knock-down and securement of grease-related fires

Provides a cooling effect which further enhances its ability to prevent reflash

Twice the coverage of conventional single-agent systems

Designed for a wide variety of restaurant hazards

Cools down cooking oils 15 times faster than wet chemical systems

Smaller and fewer agent storage tanks required per system

Ease of recharge and post-fire cleanup

Listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) as part of the HoodMart Restaurant Fire Suppression System



Pre-Piped Fire Suppression Components Include:

Pipe (affixed to hood with hangers)

Conduit (affixed to hood with hangers)

Nozzles (affixed to hood with hangers)

Detection Brackets (affixed to hood with hangers)

Tank Ships Loose

Micro Switch (loose inside hood behind filters)

Control Head (loose inside hood behind filters)

Wall Brackets (loose inside hood behind filters)

Pull Station (loose inside hood behind filters)

Gas Valve (loose inside hood behind filters)

Please Note: Cable and Fuseable Links are Supplied by Installer

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