Exhaust Hood Packages

Exhaust Hood Packages
Hoodmart Exhaust Hoods

Commercial Exhaust Hood Packages for Your Kitchen - Custom Built by HoodMart

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your commercial kitchen with HoodMart’s Custom Built Exhaust Hood Packages. Proudly crafted in the United States with precision and care, our exhaust hood packages meet or exceed industry standards set by multiple certifying organizations. With quick delivery and factory-direct pricing, trust HoodMart to deliver tailored solutions that will maximize the air quality in your restaurant or food truck. Our exhaust hoods are NSF, UL, NFPA & ETL approved, and compliance with all city and state codes is always guaranteed.

Learn more about our certifying organizations:

Exhaust Canopy Hoods

Exhaust Canopy Hood Packages

Our Type 1 Exhaust-Only commercial kitchen hoods are specifically and uniquely designed to remove grease-laden vapors. Available in single or back-to-back configurations.


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Low Ceiling Sloped Front Exhaust Hood

Low Ceiling Sloped Front Exhaust Hood Packages

Our superior Low Ceiling Sloped Front Exhaust Hoods, certified to meet all city and state codes, are the only commercial kitchen hoods on the market designed specifically to eliminate grease-laden vapors. Available in single or back-to-back configurations.


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Low Proximity BackShelf Hood

Low Proximity BackShelf Hood Packages

Low Proximity Backshelf Hoods are tailored for situations where standard exhaust hood canopies fail to meet the minimum distance from the floor to the hood’s bottom edge, as required by code. These are the sole commercial kitchen hoods currently on the market made to remove grease-laden vapors.


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Outdoor Hood

Outdoor Hood Packages

These Wall Mounted Outdoor hoods are designed to withstand the elements of the outdoors, as well as the smoke and grease that BBQ and outdoor kitchens require. Outdoor packages include all stainless steel construction, easy-to-clean filters, and removable grease cups.


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What Sets HoodMart’s Commercial Kitchen Hood Packages Apart?

- Quality Guaranteed: Our exhaust hoods are built to pass all city and state codes, ensuring compliance and safety for your kitchen. With materials of the highest standard and meticulous craftsmanship, HoodMart guarantees a product you can trust.

- Quick Delivery: We understand the urgency of your kitchen operations. That’s why we offer prompt shipping, with hoods typically arriving within 3-5 business days. Keep your kitchen running smoothly with HoodMart’s efficient delivery service.

- Factory-Direct Pricing: By selling our stainless steel hoods factory-direct, we provide competitive and fair pricing, offering excellent value for your investment. Cut out the middleman and save with HoodMart’s direct-to-you pricing model. We take pride in manufacturing our commercial exhaust hoods right here in the USA.

- Expert Consultation Throughout the Purchasing Process and Guaranteed Compliance: Rely on HoodMart's expert consultation throughout your purchasing process to ensure compliance with all city and state codes. Our professional technicians are well-versed in regulations nationwide and ready to answer all your questions, ensuring your exhaust hood solution meets NSF, UL, NFPA & ETL standards - anywhere in the United States!


What is the primary function of a commercial kitchen exhaust hood?

A commercial kitchen exhaust hood is designed to remove smoke, heat, grease, and odors from your kitchen, improving indoor air quality and preventing health code violations.

How do HoodMart's exhaust hoods ensure safety and compliance?

Our exhaust hoods are built to meet and exceed city and state codes, ensuring that your kitchen operates in compliance with safety regulations.

What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 hoods in commercial kitchens?

Type 1 hoods are designed to capture and remove grease-laden vapors, while Type 2 hoods are intended for removing heat, steam, and condensate produced by non-grease-producing equipment.

Can I customize an exhaust hood package to suit my kitchen's specific needs?

Absolutely! We offer custom hood solutions, allowing you to specify the design, dimensions, and features required for your kitchen's unique setup.

Why is choosing a hood with quick delivery for my kitchen is important?

Quick delivery ensures your kitchen can continue operations with minimal downtime, maintaining a smooth and efficient workflow.

What size exhaust hood do I need for my commercial kitchen?

Determining the correct size exhaust hood depends on factors such as the size of your kitchen, cooking equipment, and ventilation needs. Contact HoodMart for personalized assistance in selecting the right size for your kitchen.

Are HoodMart's exhaust hoods suitable for high-temperature cooking environments?

Absolutely! Our exhaust hoods are designed to withstand high temperatures and heavy-duty usage, making them ideal for commercial kitchens with demanding cooking requirements.

Do HoodMart's exhaust hoods require regular maintenance?

Like any equipment, regular maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity for your exhaust hood. HoodMart provides guidance on maintenance procedures to keep your exhaust hood functioning efficiently.


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