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HoodMart's 24-Inch Interior Countertop Ventless Hood with LED Lighting Included: Compact and Efficient.

Say goodbye to the complexities of roof fans, ductwork, and hanging hoods. HoodMart's 24-Inch Interior Countertop Ventless Hood, complete with LED lighting, requires no roof fans, no ductwork, and no hoods to hang, providing a streamlined solution for a variety of food service applications. Self-contained, compact and offered exclusively in a widely applicable 24” size, our countertop unit offers the perfect alternative when traditional venting through a wall or roof is not feasible.

With our triple-filter system and updraft technology, our ventless hoods effectively remove vapor, meeting your ventilation requirements. Choose from our standard ventless units in 24", 39", and 48" widths, available with or without Fire Suppression. If you require a Pressure Fryer Ventless, we have a 24" width option with fire suppression included. Our Pizza Deck Ovens combined with a Ventless Hood System are available in 30" and 50" widths, with and without Fire Suppression.

Enjoy the convenience of quick shipping, with our ventless hoods typically shipping in 3-5 business days. All of our Ventless Hoods are Guaranteed to Pass ALL City & State Codes. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and compliance that our products offer. Contact us now at 1-800-715-1014 to inquire about any unadvertised specials and speak with our professional technicians, who are ready to answer all your questions!

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