Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General FAQs

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What is your standard delivery time?

  • Answer - We offer the fastest lead times in the industry and most exhaust hood system packages are shipped within 3-5 business days. ASK about the possibility of expedited shipping.
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How much is shipping?

  • Answer - It's Fast & Easy to Estimate Shipping: 
    1. Visit any product page (example: Restaurant Hood System 4 ft x 48 inch
    2. Add zip code to estimator, (you can find it to the right of Add To Cart button)
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How do HoodMart products ship?

  • Answer - Commercial kitchen hoods, fans, and other ventilation equipment can be large and heavy. Watch this video to learn how to prepare for your shipment.
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Do you ship to Canada?

  • Answer - Sure do, all the time. Give us a call 1-800-715-1014 with your specific needs.
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Can you help me with Installation?

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Will your Hood Systems pass Local Codes?

  • Answer - Hoodmart's Exhaust Hoods are built to NFPA 96 Standards
    are UL Listed to Ansi/UL 710, and CAN/ULC and are GUARANTEED to Pass Code.
    Shop Online Now for your Commercial Hood.

Call Before Delivery

  • This is a FREE service where the carrier calls you when your order is ready to be delivered or in most cases when they are on their way to your location.
  • If your shipment is going to a residence or a business with irregular hours, the carrier may reach out to you to schedule a delivery appointment. This may add an additional day to your order’s transit time.
  • If the carrier misses a delivery window, they will schedule another appointment with you. If the customer misses a delivery window, the customer is responsible for all re-delivery fees and must schedule another delivery time with the carrier.
  • The carrier will use the phone number listed with the shipping address to schedule delivery. If the carrier is unable to make delivery and reach the customer for multiple days, daily storage charges will be assessed to the customer.
  • Call Before Delivery will apply only to the items on your order that are shipping by common carrier. This service is not available for items that ship via Federal Express.

Using A Freight Forwarder?

  • Most Freight Forwarders require a Booking Number or similar information at the time of delivery so they can easily identify you as their customer and accept your shipments. You should have received a Booking Number when you contacted your Freight Forwarder and alerted them that you will be shipping freight to their location.
  • To help ensure that your delivery goes smoothly, you should notify us in advance that you are shipping to a Freight Forwarder. Provide us with your Booking Number as well as your Freight Forwarder’s address, phone number and your shipment’s final destination. Providing this information will help prevent re-delivery fees from being charged.
  • NOTE: If your freight forwarder signs the incoming bill of lading and does not note any freight damage, we will not be responsible for any freight damage that may have occurred. We are also not responsible for any freight damage occurring at your freight forwarder or in-transit shipping to you.

Exhaust Hood FAQs

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What type of hood do I need for my restaurant?

  • Answer - This depends on the equipment that will be under the hood.

    1. If are cooking anything that has grease, you will need a type 1 hood with baffle filters
       (type 1 hoods are used to remove grease laden vapors)

    2. If you are using ovens, steamers or dishwashers, you will need a type 2 hood.
       (type 2 hoods are used for removing heat or steam)

    3. A deck pizza oven would use a type 2 hood

    4. A conveyor pizza oven would use a type 1 hood
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What should the proper length of my exhaust hood system be?

  • Answer - There must be 6 inches overhang on the right and left side of your total cooking equipment length, with 12 inches of overhang in the front. 
    Use our exhaust hood calculator to find the size you need.
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What is MUA (Makeup Air)?

  • Answer - Otherwise known as Supply or Return Air. Fresh air is brought into the hood system from the outside to makeup the air that is being exhausted through the hood.
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Do I need MUA (Makeup Air)?

  • Answer - In most cases yes. It makes your system highly energy efficient and is required by code in most locations.
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Do I need Fire Suppression?

    • Answer - If you are using or plan to use char broilers, fryers, griddles, wok ranges, cooking ranges and other similar equipment, fire suppression is required.
  • You do not require fire suppression if you are operating convection ovens, pizza ovens or steam cookers as well as other similar equipment.
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Do I need a Box Hood or Low Ceiling Hood?

  • Answer - If your ceiling height is less than 120 inches, a low ceiling style hood system is required. The bottom front edge of the hood must be a minimum of 78 inches from the finished floor.

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HoodMart Exhaust Hood Systems are Guaranteed to pass all state and local codes. The Commercial Exhaust Hood Systems on this website are constructed using high quality polished 18 Gauge Stainless Steel and built to NSF and NFPA 96 Standards, are UL Listed to Ansi/UL 710, and CAN/ULC  Standards. HoodMart offers a full line of the finest Exhaust Hood Systems with the fastest and most reliable lead times in the industry.


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