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HoodMart, a leading name in commercial kitchen ventilation, offers various solutions, including Type 2 and Condensate hoods. In this article, we'll delve into what these hoods are, when they might be applicable, and the benefits they can provide for your commercial kitchen.

Type 2 Hoods: What Are They?

Type 2 hoods are specialized ventilation systems designed for specific applications in commercial kitchens. Unlike traditional grease hoods, Type 2 hoods are used over non-grease-producing equipment, making them essential for maintaining a safe and comfortable working environment.

When to Use Type 2 Hoods

Type 2 hoods are typically used over equipment that generates heat and steam but does not produce grease. These hoods are particularly useful in the following scenarios:

  • Dishwashing Areas: In busy commercial kitchens, dishwashers generate significant heat and steam. Type 2 hoods efficiently capture and remove this moisture and heat, preventing uncomfortable working conditions.

  • Steam Kettles and Brew Kettles: Equipment like steam kettles and brew kettles can produce copious amounts of steam. Type 2 hoods ensure this moisture is promptly removed, maintaining a safer and more controlled kitchen environment.

The Benefits of Type 2 Hoods

Type 2 hoods, as provided by HoodMart, come with several advantages that can significantly improve your commercial kitchen's efficiency:

  • Material Durability: HoodMart's Type 2 hoods are constructed using high-quality Type 304 18-gauge stainless steel. This material is renowned for its resistance to rust and ability to withstand the heat and steam generated in the kitchen environment.

  • Customization: HoodMart understands that every commercial kitchen is unique. They offer the option to customize Type 2 hoods to your requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your kitchen space.

  • Quick Delivery: HoodMart's commitment to efficient service is evident in its quick production and delivery times. Type 2 hoods typically ship in 3-5 business days, minimizing disruptions in your kitchen operations.

Condensate Hoods: A Solution for Steam and Heat Removal

In addition to Type 2 hoods, HoodMart also offers Condensate Hoods, designed to effectively manage the steam and heat produced by various kitchen equipment. These hoods are essential for creating a comfortable and safe working environment, especially when dealing with moisture-laden conditions.

When to Use Condensate Hoods

Condensate Hoods are ideal for situations where heat and steam must be controlled and removed, but no grease is present. Some key scenarios where Condensate Hoods are beneficial include:

  • Steam-Producing Equipment: Commercial kitchens often use steam-producing equipment like steamers and large kettles. Condensate Hoods efficiently remove excess moisture and heat, preventing discomfort and potential safety hazards.

  • Brewing and Distilling: Brew kettles, distillation equipment, and even coffee brewing stations can generate substantial amounts of steam. Condensate Hoods are designed to manage these conditions effectively.

The Benefits of Condensate Hoods

HoodMart's Condensate Hoods offer several advantages for commercial kitchens:

  • Material Quality: These hoods are crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. For heat-only applications, HoodMart's Heat Removal Hoods are fabricated using Type 430 stainless steel.

  • Supply Air Integration: If supply air is required, HoodMart provides options for introducing it through an internal (short cycle) make-up air chamber, perforated supply plenum (PSP), or ceiling diffusers, ensuring proper ventilation and air circulation.

  • Made in the USA: HoodMart's commitment to quality extends to the origin of its products. Condensate Hoods are proudly made in the USA, guaranteeing adherence to high standards of craftsmanship.

In summary, Type 2 and Condensate Hoods from HoodMart are vital for maintaining a comfortable, efficient, and safe commercial kitchen. Whether you're dealing with non-grease-producing equipment, steamy conditions, or excessive heat, these hoods offer tailored solutions that can enhance your kitchen's performance while adhering to the highest material quality standards and workmanship. To explore these options further and inquire about any "Unadvertised Specials," contact HoodMart at 1-855-235-3632 or visit their website at www.hoodmart.com. Your kitchen's productivity and comfort are just a call away.

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