1. HoodMart’s Definitive Guide: When to Use Type 1 v. Type 2 Hoods

    Alright, picture this: you're in the heart of a bustling kitchen, and the sizzle of grills fills the air. Now, imagine you're the one responsible for keeping that kitchen running smoothly. The secret sauce? It's all about having the right ventilation hood. The correct type of hood is crucial for creating a safe and efficient cooking environment, helping to manage smoke, grease-laden vapors, and heat effectively. Don't worry, though, the experts at HoodMart have your back. With our lineup of Type 1 and Type 2 hoods, we'll guide you through understanding which to use and when, ensuring your kitchen stays compliant and operates at its best.

    Type 1 Hoods: Tackling Grease-Laden Environments

    Type 1 hoods, often referred to as grease hoods, are purpose-built for kitchens where cooking processes generate substantial grease and smoke. These hoods are strategically positioned above equipment like fryers, griddles, and ranges to capture and expel grease-laden vapors, ensuring a cleaner and safer kitchen atmosphere.

    Key Attributes of Type 1 Hoods:

    • Grease Filtration: Equipped with specialized grease filters, Type 1 hoods efficiently trap grease-laden vapors Regular maintenance of these filters is essential to uphold their e...

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  2. What to Expect When Installing a Concession Trailer Hood
    Setting up a concession trailer is an exciting venture, but it’s important to take the time to educate yourself about what the process entails before diving in. One of the most crucial aspects is ensuring proper ventilation through a concession...

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  3. The Importance of Capturing and Filtering Grease-Laden Vapors in Food Truck Vent Hoods
    Ensuring Safety: HoodMart's Best Practices for Managing Grease-Laden Vapors in Food Trucks Food trucks are a beloved staple of the culinary scene, offering delicious meals on wheels. However, operating a food truck c ...

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  4. Expanding Your Business: The Key Role HVAC Installers Play in Hood Installation
    Expanding your business into new areas can be a daunting prospect, but it can also be gratifying. For HVAC installers, venturing into commercial kitchen spaces and offering hood installation services can open up many opportunities. In this blog post,...

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  5. Mobile Food Trucks and Fire Safety: Kidde vs. Ansul Systems
    Food trucks have become a beloved part of the culinary landscape, offering some of our favorite dishes in a fun and mobile way. But behind the scenes, ensuring the safety of these mobile kitchens is of utmost importance. Regarding fire safety, Kidde ...

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