Starting A Food Truck Business? HoodMart Has Concession Hood Answers
Food Trucks are Booming Nationwide from Indianapolis to Tampa and Orlando. But to serve hot food you need a good ventilation system that passes code. Get concession hood tips direct from the manufacturer and you will be ready for the next festival.

food truck concession hoods fastGrafton, OH. – April 18, 2012 The Food Truck industry is expanding all across the country. Food trucks, step vans, concession trailers, and gourmet food trucks, the list goes on and on.

After the exciting buzz wears off though you start to come to grips with the harsh reality of needing a commercial ventilation exhaust hood system. Not only that, you will need one that passes the local inspection and is up to code, a cold chill enters the room. We all know how bureaucracy can sometimes slow the progress of excited entrepreneurs.

Not to Worry! You have a friend in the business. :-) is coming to the rescue of many a food truck business and giving them technical support on how to overcome their ventilation obstacles. Factory support direct from the manufacturer, for those on a tight budget, is a breath of fresh air and a relief for those with concession hood questions.

The technical staff walks food truck owners through what started out as a complicated process, into an easy step-by-step journey. Concession hood systems come ready to install with complete packages in a full range of sizes to fit your food truck are available. All you need are the nuts and bolts!

Complete Concession Hood Packages

Unlike some other manufacturers, when HoodMart, Inc. says complete, it's complete with hood, filters, stainless grease cup, duct work (from hood to fan), concession mounting curb, curb plate and fan.

Standard and custom sizes are available, your HoodMart rep will help you decide the right size hood and fan to fit your needs. Curved top trailer? They have a custom hood that will work perfect for you too.

Need Your Food Truck Exhaust Hood Fast?

concession hood systemsHoodMart, Inc. has added production capacity to offer even faster delivery of our most in-demand concession hood packages. 

Standard Concession Exhaust Hood Packages In-Stock
Hood Sizes of 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, and 12ft
Ready-To-Ship in 24-48 business hours. ï¿½expedite charge applies�

Having the fastest lead times, a knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff, as well as an experienced technical support team, has made HoodMart, Inc. one of the major players in the commercial ventilation equipment industry.

Be sure, to be there on time this year!

Pat Ranch of HoodMart, Inc. told us "HoodMart has one of the quickest, if not the fastest delivery times in the Food Service Industry". They are short deadlines specialistsso you can start your cash register ringing right away.

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NOTE: All HoodMart's restaurant exhaust hood systems are ETL listed to the UL710 Standard, built to the NFPA 96 Standards and NSF Listed.

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