Why Buying Used Restaurant Equipment Can Cost More Than New Commercial Kitchen Hoods ?

used restaurant equipmentStarting a restaurant? You may be finding out that buying restaurant equipment and exhaust hoods in particular, is not a simple task. Used restaurant hoods and used exhaust fans as well as other types of used restaurant equipment might appear as an alternative to buying new, if pricing is an issue. However, there are some important things you should consider first, like what will it cost you financially in the long run?

commercial kitchen hoods“One very important factor to consider is an equipment warranty” said Pat Ranch, customer service manager at HoodMart.com. Typically used commercial kitchen hoods and fans are sold 'as is'. Although the hoods may have been steam cleaned and look good on the outside, this does not mean they will pass code or work properly, and then what?

Still thinking used restaurant equipment is a good idea? How old is the vent hood and fan? You will more than likely have to replace parts that might not be available. What is the voltage of the fan? Will this hood or fan work in your restaurant? Are the labels for ETL, UL or NSF still affixed to the exhaust hood? This critical information is required, so you need to be sure that the items you have purchased meet the code requirements?

Installation of Used Commercial Hoods Can Be More Costly Than Installing New

Used restaurant hoods will already have a hole cut in them for the previous owners exhaust and supply. Depending on the layout you have, these may have to be patched and welded, and new holes then need to be cut. Fans may not work or have the incorrect voltage for your restaurant and you probably won’t know this until after or during the installation, which will require you then to purchase more equipment.

Still buying used? Most of the time you will have to replace items such as filters, grease cups, light globes, grease extractors and hinge kits, when these items are typically included when purchasing new commercial hoods. In the long run, how much have you spent now, and how is your headache factor?

Ask yourself, before you make your decision to purchase used commercial kitchen hoods:

• Can my restaurant operate without a hood ventilation system?
• What is the revenue that my hood ventilation system generates for my business?
• What is my total financial loss if the fan goes down and I cannot cook?

Is it worth the risk, is it really a savings? 
Are you trading a few dollars now, for headaches and larger dollars later?

Peace-of-Mind: It's definitely worth taking your time when making this type of important technical decision. When in doubt ask questions of professionals to get the truth about what you are buying. Check prices and compare first, to be sure you are not wasting more money on used restaurant equipment, when you could be buying new!

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