Keeping Your Walk-In Cooler Running Like New

When running a business that requires the use of commercial equipment you are made aware just how important the equipment is only when it’s not working. Your equipment is an integral part of the business and any issues requiring repair could lead to downtime and money lost. This is especially true with walk-in coolers as downtime could not only mean costs for repairs but due to the nature of the content could cost you greatly for inventory lost. Here are some tips to keep your walk-in cooler in tip-top shape to help prevent avoidable damage and downtime.


First thing is to check how well your walk-in cooler is keeping temperature. Check the thermometer to be sure the inside temperature matches what the unit is set. If there is an discrepancies between the temperatures you need to check the following:


-Check the door and frame for any signs of damage, such as a tear or obstruction.

-Is there any noticeable damage to the exterior of the unit?

-Are there any signs of water build up or damage?


The temperature being off even slightly can be the sign of an even larger problem. One reason the temperature could be off is due to the door or walls having damage, leading to improper insulation. This will eventually lead to the refrigeration components over-working, and eventually the wear and tear could lead to significant damage. If you notice unusually large increases in energy costs between a month period you should absolutely check your walk-in cooler as an improperly insulated unit will pull extra energy when over-working.


When doing a check of the walk-in cooler you should be on the lookout for any signs of water pooling or ice. The components of a walk-in cooler are meant to keep the inside contents cold, but also pull out extra moisture that would lead to pools of water or frost / icing. Any signs of water or icing could mean something is wrong with the equipment - from refrigeration equipment to improper pressure relief. If you notice any icing you should contact a certified technician to schedule a check up on your walk-in cooler.


Aside from checking in on the quality of your walk-in cooler from time to time it is also highly recommended to get regular scheduled maintenance. A certified technician will come in and check the interior and exterior of the cooler for any signs of damage, as well as maintain and repair any issues with the components of the cooler. Regular maintenance of the parts and equipment of the walk-in cooler will help ensure proper functioning and a longer live span. Following the steps above will help to keep your walk-in cooler up and operational without much downtime. HoodMart and our team of experts are available to help answer any your questions. You can also check out our walk-in builder tool to get a better idea of what you may need and the price of the right walk-in cooler for you.