The Importance of Tempered or Heated Makeup Air Units


In regions with colder climates, local building codes often mandate the installation of Tempered Makeup Air Units in restaurants and commercial spaces. The primary role of a makeup air unit is to expel exhaust air from the premises and replace it with fresh outdoor air. This essential exchange not only addresses ventilation concerns but also significantly improves air quality. Additionally, it effectively eliminates grease, smoke, and cooking odors from the indoor environment. Without proper makeup air ventilation, issues like unbalanced air pressure, temperature control difficulties, and humidity imbalances can arise.


Balancing air pressure and temperature regulation within a restaurant is crucial. The absence of a makeup air unit can result in negative air pressure, making it challenging to open and close doors. Moreover, these units play a pivotal role in preventing potentially hazardous backdrafts near kitchen cooking appliances. However, in colder climates, the need for a tempered or heated makeup air unit becomes evident. As makeup air units pull air from outside to replace the indoor air, introducing frigid external air can disrupt indoor comfort. To counteract this, tempered makeup air units act as heaters, tempering the cold outdoor air before reintroducing it into the building.


Benefits of Tempered Makeup Air Units

Beyond their role in preventing the introduction of cold air, tempered makeup air units offer several other essential benefits. These advantages include:


  • Enhanced HVAC Efficiency: By shouldering the responsibility of heating the incoming air, makeup air units reduce the workload on the HVAC system. This enhanced efficiency translates into easier maintenance of a comfortable indoor temperature.


  • Cost Savings: Makeup air units contribute to cost savings by efficiently heating the incoming air, particularly during extremely cold weather. This energy-efficient approach helps reduce heating bills, providing financial benefits to businesses.


  • Improved Air Pressure Regulation: Tempered makeup air units play a crucial role in balancing air pressure within the establishment, ensuring that doors can be easily opened and closed. This is particularly important for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.


  • Safety: These units are instrumental in preventing dangerous backdrafts, enhancing safety around kitchen cooking appliances.


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