Spotting A Grease Leak In Your Exhaust Hood

Imagine starting your day in the kitchen, eager to prepare delicious meals for your customers. As you walk in, you notice a peculiar brownish liquid dripping from your exhaust hood. It's a concerning sight, but don't worry; we're here to guide you through the steps to identify and resolve the issue.

So You’ve Spotted A Leak - Here’s What to Do Next

The first step when you notice something 'leaking' from your exhaust hood is to determine whether it's grease or water. If your exhaust hood has recently been cleaned, there's a possibility that the liquid is water. During the assembly of exhaust hood systems, welding is used to create a water-tight seal. However, this seal isn't always foolproof. Before passing inspection, fire marshals often perform a light test to check for any light passing through the welds. If they find light leakage, the hood fails inspection, and the weld must be redone. Nevertheless, even with these tests, human error can lead to issues. Therefore, when cleaning the ducts, water may accumulate and seep through these leaks in the days following the cleaning.

Pinpointing the Source of a Suspected Grease Leak

Grease leaks occur similarly to water leaks. If you're certain it's not a water leak, the next step is to examine the weld points to identify the weak weld that's causing the issue. You can spot a grease leak by the thicker consistency of the liquid compared to water, and it typically moves more slowly. Once you locate the leaking weld point, consider calling a professional repairman to rebuild the weld and patch the leak. If you can't find the weak weld point, it's possible that the leak is coming from another area, such as an access door within the duct, the ductwork itself, or the grease trough that collects excess grease from the filters.

Always Consult the Professionals

Whether you notice a grease leak or a water leak, it's advisable to reach out to the hood manufacturer to inquire about warranty coverage. If your unit is not covered, consider contacting a professional to assess and determine the best course of action to repair the leak. While it may not seem significant, a grease leak can pose a fire risk or lead to other forms of damage. And remember, regular maintenance is a critical step to preventing leaks before they even start!

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