The Many Uses for Walk-In Coolers

If you were to ask the general public what the purpose of a walk-in cooler was the answer would almost always be for food storage. While this is generally the case there are many applications for walk-in coolers and freezers outside of just temperature controlled storage. Walk-in coolers and freezers have applications ranging from hospitals and science labs to hunting storage and floral shops.




When handling large quantities and species of flowers it is often required to keep the floral stock in cooler temperatures to help them grow and stay healthy. Floral shops implement walk-in coolers to store many varieties of their floral items, and also implement cooler floral displays with glass windows to display their floral arrangements in a temperature controlled setting.




Warehouses have begun implementing walk-in coolers and freezers for long term storing of non-food items that hold a sensitivity to heat. Using temperature controlled solutions such as a walk-in cooler allow the warehouse to store heat sensitive items for long periods of time without risk of damage.




Similar to butchers, many hunters will utilize a meat locker style walk-in cooler that allows them to cool, hang, and age their game meat. Often times these coolers have overhead rail systems with hooks to hang the meat, as well as rack systems for storage of the meat.




Science labs have large inventory of chemicals and other items that may be sensitive to temperature changes or heat. In order to keep this stock from expiring they implement walk in coolers and freezers to store the chemicals and items that require temperature control.




There are many medical applications for walk-in coolers and freezers in hospitals, doctor offices, pharmacies, etc. Often times these medical facilities are required to refrigerate medications, vaccines, samples, and even human organs. These refrigeration options are absolutely vital to hospitals, and can be life-saving for patients.