XPS Properties

To ensure peak efficiency and endurance for our walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers, NAKS uses only the highest quality insulation by incorporating ultra-premium foam insulation manufactured by Dow Chemical Company into each of our panels. This superior insulation not only meets but exceeds U.S. Federal requirements with a minimum R-25 rating for coolers, a minimum R-28 for freezer floors and R-32 for freezer walls, ceiling and doors. It also provides enhanced energy efficiency and features other prominent benefits, including:

  • Hydrophobic properties, so moisture will not deteriorate the R-value.
  • Uniform density throughout entire panel and a closed-cell structure.
  • Exceeds federal requirements from the US Energy Independence Act of 2007 (EISA).
  • Exceeds the US Department of Energy (DOE) R-value requirements, effective July 1st, 2017. 
  • No voids that allow thermal conductivity and lower the R-value.
  • Production with precise control parameters over density, cell size and orientation.
  • Environmentally-friendly construction, 100% recyclable.
  • An unprecedented 50-year thermal warranty. R-values are fixed after the first 180 days.
  • Energy cost savings for years to come.

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Show No Weakness

The proprietary extrusion process used to produce NAKS’ insulation provides precise control of compressive strength, cell density, size and orientation to ensure uniform composition for uniform performance. While the urethane foam panels some of our competitors use can often suffer from bubbles and voids during the expansion process (compromising the integrity of the walk-in cooler), the NAKS-XPS insulation used on NAKS products does not suffer these defects and ensures that panel integrity remains strong. NAKS products, unlike hard-nose manufacturers, do not contain low R-value materials like wood or high-density urethane along the perimeters that allow for thermal movement. NAKS' tongue-and-groove "soft nose" is the same panel core foam insulation throughout the unit.

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Keep Dry, Keep Kool

Walk-in freezers and coolers should provide lasting efficiency. NAKS’ NAKS-XPS insulation contains strong hydrophobic properties to prevent water absorption, ensuring that moisture present in low-temperature situations is not absorbed into panels. Since extruded polystyrene’s R-values are fixed after the first 180 days and our insulation is backed by a 50-year R-value warranty, you know that the lower power bills are just a perk of the peak efficiency and quality of our products.

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Guaranteed Value

Our NAKS-XPS insulation is so effective that we offer Dow’s 50-year thermal warranty to back up our promise of lasting efficiency. No other urethane foam insulation is backed by this assurance!

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