1. Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems DOAS and AHRI 920 - What Does This Mean For Your Kitchen?

    As technology continues to advance forward exponentially, improvements in all aspects of commercial kitchen spaces are never ending. A new trend in commercial HVAC systems are Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems, or DOAS. What makes DOAS so unique are their ability to completely dehumidify outdoor air, while utilizing air handling units to heat or cool interior air. DOAS allows for for improved air quality for your commercial buildings through an energy efficient method that won't break the bank. These systems are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and because of this they are becoming more and more popular in commercial building applications.

    So how does a DOAS system work? A dedicated unit is installed outside of the building, and generally ties into a pre-existing HVAC system. The DOAS primary responsibility is pulling in the outdoor air and cleaning and / or dehumidifying the air before it reaches the interior of the building. During this process the air is also heated or cooled to provide clean, optimal temperature air to the interior of the building, which in turn also helps save energy by reducing the amount of work the HVAC system has to do. On average most buildings can see a 30% - 40% reduction in annual energy usage after moving to a DOAS system.

    Another major benefit to a DOAS system is the ability to easily retrofit a buildings existing HVAC system with a DOAS. Instead of having to completely revamp an older HVAC system, a DOAS can be installed in a way that will greatly help with energy savings. To do this you must first install a DOAS...

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  2. Exhaust Hoods For Residential Kitchens In Commercial Buildings
    Purchasing an exhaust hood system for a restaurant or specifically for a residential home is pretty straight forward - most manufacturers design the hoods and systems specifically for either commercial or residential. But what about odd situation whe...

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  3. Food Truck Safety
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