Upblast Exhaust Fans and Why You Need Them

A key component in an exhaust hood system for any application is the upblast exhaust fan. The main purpose of the upblast exhaust fan is to pull out water vapor, fumes, odors, and warm air out from inside your building and moving it outside. This helps keep the kitchen space clean, helps keep the air pure in the kitchen space, and makes the space safer by pulling grease and oils out and preventing buildups. When it comes to upblast fans there are two basic options - a direct drive upblast fan, and a belt drive upblast fan.


A direct drive upblast fan is powered by a motor that is connected to the fan. The fans inside the units do not use belts, allowing for the fan to run more efficiently due to less friction. Belt-less fans tend to also be easier to maintain and clean. The downside to direct drive upblast fans is that the belt-less fans tend to be a bit noisier than a belt drive upblast fan. Another downside with the direct drive units is that they offer less speed controls since the fan works at the same speed as the motor that powers it.


The alternative to a direct-drive unit is a belt drive upblast fan. Belt drive upblast fans use belts connected to the motor to power the fan blades and other components. Because the upblast unit is using belts it allows for speed control of the unit, allowing the customer to tailor the speed to best fit their establishments needs. The belts also make the overall unit less noisy as compared to a direct-drive upblast fan. Since the unit is belt driven is operates on more moving parts, increasing the chances of parts braking and the need for regular maintenance.


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