What To Do If Your Exhaust Hood Is Making Noise

Sometimes the most terrifying noises may not be the loudest, but just any noise at all. The only noise a running exhaust hood fan should make is the hum of the motor, and any noises outside of that humming range should be taken as a warning. It is easy to ignore these noises, however further investigation into these noises may help prevent an exhaust hood failure which could eventually lead to a multi-day kitchen shut down.

Generally, the only noise you hear from the exhaust hood is the exhaust fan - this is simply because the exhaust fan is the only moving part in the hood system. The following are examples of common noises associated with exhaust fan issues:

Squeaking noise – check to make sure your belts are not loose or out of align this can cause them to slip on the pulleys and cause squeaking.

Rattling noise – make sure there is no debris that the fan blades may be hitting, check to make sure your belt is intact and not broken.

Grinding noise – this is sometimes associated with the bearings needing to be replaced.

Vibrating noise- many times after your fan and hood have been cleaned if done incorrectly the fan could be out of balance.

Typical exhaust fan blade rotation is at 1750 RPM's, and it should be noted that off balance blades are one of the leading causes of the fan breaking.

If you think you are hearing out of the ordinary noises coming from your exhaust hood we highly recommend getting a diagnosis. A professional should be able to come in, listen to the noises and fix whatever the cause may be. Remember - ignoring these noises won't make them go away. In almost all cases these noises will lead to a more serious problem and ignoring the noises risks your kitchen being shut down if the exhaust hood system breaks.

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