Replacing an Exhaust Hood

An exhaust system adds utility to any kitchen setup. The benefits of keeping air pressure and quality stable, averting the risk of fires, and keeping a cooking area usable make ventilation systems useful in any cooking setting.

However, the ideal exhaust hood system varies depending on the kitchen it is intended for. Should you decide you want a different hood than the one you have, you will want to swap it out. Here is how you can replace your existing exhaust hood, in steps:

Before starting, be sure that your circuit breaker which powers your existing exhaust hood is switched off. This will help deter the risk of electrical accidents.
First, remove your existing exhaust hood. Near its light fixture there will normally be a cover which houses the hood’s electrical wiring. Detach this wiring by removing its wire nuts and separating the wires.
Then, unscrew the hood with the help of a friend or assistant. Slide off the hood.
Be sure that you have no less than a foot of wiring coming out of the wall from the existing setup. This will be used to connect your new hood system. If not, set it up as you go along.
If your range hood will vent to the exterior, then locate the ductwork for the exhaust fan. It will either be set to travel upward or back through the wall. Open the range hood’s venting hole which matches the ductwork’s location.
Find the new hood’s metal cover and remove it. This is where the wiring is located.
It is time to install the new hood system. Have a friend hold it in place. In the meantime, note the location of the screw holes on the cabinet’s bottom. Then, put down the hood, and drive screws into the places you previously marked.
Slide the hood over these screws you have installed. Then, guide the wiring from the wall through the hole in the back of the range hood.
Connect the white wires from the hood to the white wires from the wall. If the wall has a green wire, attach it to the special green grounding screw on the range hood.
Put the metal cover back on the hood, and tighten the mounting screws.
Switch the circuit breaker back on, and test the hood. If it works, you’re all done!

Though it is possible to fully manage the processes of removing and installing range hoods, the professionals are happy to help as well. When you shop at HoodMart for exhaust hoods, we will help you work out your installation and get you a great deal! Shop online today.