Commercial Pizza Cooking and the Role of Pizza Hoods

Among all popular fast foods, perhaps pizza is the most universally popular. We all love pizza, but the task of preparing to produce and serve it in a commercial kitchen can be a daunting one! Pizza cooking requires special equipment and maintenance, as well as a careful eye toward proper safety measures.

Anyone preparing a commercial kitchen to cook pizza ought to have a keen eye for detail. Here are some of the key steps in the process:

  • You will need to pass health and fire safety code inspections with your pizza oven and kitchen arrangement. Furthermore, the construction of a pizza oven and a corresponding pizza oven exhaust system typically requires a permit. Then, before use, the pizza oven will again need to be inspected. Quarterly fire inspections are typical afterward.

In so many words, pizza ovens are tricky to manage and pose safety risks if improperly used. Thus, be sure you prepare adequately if you plan to install one in your commercial kitchen! Luckily, the steps you must take to pass inspections are normally common-sense, albeit strict, safety measures.

  • An exhaust hood is mandatory for commercial pizza cooking! Indeed, whether in a commercial kitchen or in the comfort of your own home, any pizza cooking undertaking ought to have an accompanying exhaust hood. Specially configured pizza hoods are the way to go—these are designed to match specific types of pizza ovens.
  • Pizza ovens are extremely hot, as pizzas are typically cooked at 500 degrees Fahrenheit! Needless to say, cooking at such high temperatures introduces major fire safety risks into a food service facility, if it is not properly configured.

The pizza range hood needs to have at least three inches of clearance from the kitchen’s ceiling, Air space is mandatory all over the oven, no insulation may be used, and there must be at least 48 inches of distance between the pizza oven’s front and the nearest wall. (In lieu of the last requirement, a wall shield may be set up.)

  • Yes, a pizza oven can be an immensely rewarding addition to restaurant. But, should you choose to acquire one, regularly cleaning and maintaining this sophisticated oven should be near the top of your list of regular kitchen priorities!

Whether you are preparing a commercial kitchen to cook pizza or any other tasty meals and treats, you will need to invest in a reliable range rood. Take a look at HoodMart’s one-stop hood shopping options!