Going Ventless

There are no roof fans to install, no duct work to run and no separate hood to hang in place. Because of all of this, ventless commercial hoods not only save on accessories and installation, they eliminate the need to cut open your roof, thereby saving you the ordeal of ensuring that the roof is adequately sealed to keep out any inclement weather.

This can be especially helpful to owners of restaurants in older buildings, where one never knows what one will encounter when opening up a ceiling/roof space. Ventless hoods are also an excellent choice when venting through a roof or wall is simply not an option.

Ventless hoods are ideal for eliminating cooking vapors that contain grease. Because the units are self-contained, they can be positioned wherever you might need them in your kitchen. They are typically used to vent frying machines. The ventless hoods stocked by HoodMart feature an inventive triple filter system with updraft technology to make sure that every requirement you have for removing cooking vapors can be met. And every one of our ventless hoods contains a built-in Ansul R-102 wet chemical fire suppression system to enhance and ensure safety.

Our ventless hoods are made of rugged, polished 18-gauge stainless steel, include removable base sides for easy cleaning and feature a color-coded, illuminated alert system that lets you know right away whether the system is running efficiently and safely.

In addition, an interlocking start system comes standard on these hoods, making sure that the fryer and hood cannot be operated separately. No matter how safety-conscious your crew, there’s always the chance that someone could innocently forget to turn on the hood after firing up the fryer. This oversight could result in disaster – save for the interlocking start that’s specifically meant to prevent such an accident.

A set of casters, including locking features, ensures portability. This can be especially helpful when you run an operation that occasionally needs to expand for special occasions, necessitating the relocation of smaller kitchen appliances.

Our ventless hoods are approved for electric fryers and equipment that can hold oil up to 85 pounds, offering you plenty of room to conduct your portable cooking operations.