Minimizing Bacteria in Commercial Kitchen Hoods

It’s easy enough to grasp the concept that without Exhaust Hoods, virtually every commercial kitchen on the planet would be full of grease and smoke before the lunch rush reached its peak. 

Beyond the obvious advantages of installing proper commercial ventilation lays the fact that doing so also removes harmful bacteria. And that proper maintenance and cleaning of commercial kitchen ventilation equipment is vital to extending its life as well as preserving the health benefits that it provides.

Taking steps to ensure that hoods, exhaust fans, duct work and filters remain clean also removes harmful substances such as mold. Mold? Really? Yes – anytime moisture is confined in an enclosed area, along with heat, the chances increase for the proliferation of mold.

In order to keep your commercial kitchen’s ventilation free of harmful bacteria and mold, it is generally recommended that it be cleaned every six months, at minimum. More frequent cleanings are absolutely essential in kitchens where charcoal broilers, grills and fryers are in use. It is simply a fact that these kinds of kitchens will produce more grease, since the cooking processes themselves either use or create grease.

Another factor that will influence the frequency of ventilation system cleanings is the volume of cooking and food preparation involved. However, even kitchens that are not used to industrial levels of production still need regular cleaning and maintenance. After all, mold and bacteria often have even more of an opportunity to grow and spread when an appliance is only used sporadically, thereby creating “down time” when nothing – not heat nor air pressure – can disturb or dislodge such growth.

Mitigating bacteria and mold growth isn’t just a concern for your customers. Your employees are the ones who stand to come into regular contact with these toxins. Should there be a high rate of illness among your employees, who could suffer from respiratory as well as gastrointestinal issues, it is possible that a health inspection could be forthcoming. If the illnesses can be traced to poor maintenance of your kitchen’s ventilation system, your operation could be shut down.

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