The Wonders of Ventless Hood Systems

One of the first things a commercial kitchen must take care of is setting up a proper exhaust hood. While all restaurant operators are well aware of what capabilities and traits a hood must have, some are unaware of how many types of hoods they can have!

Commercial exhaust hoods come in many varieties. One exciting and dynamic type of hood is the ventless commercial exhaust hood.

But wait, don’t all exhaust hoods have vents? It turns out that there are other ways to get grease, vapors, and contaminated air out of your commercial kitchen. Ventless hoods have many benefits. Here are some:

Hoods from HoodMart without vents have integrated Ansul R-102 wet chemical fire suppression systems. Some exhaust hoods do not come with included fire suppression framework, so this is a great bonus to have.
The ventless hood unit is self-contained. In other words, while most hoods must be installed to vent grease and fumes through a wall or roof, ventless hoods need no such external framework. It’s all built right into the appliance! For those whose facilities make the installation of exhaust hoods through walls or roofs problematic, a ventless hood is the ideal solution.
Ventless hoods eliminate the need for roof venting. As anyone who has purchased or installed it knows, complex roof venting can be pricey. Roof fans, duct work, and more can make the task of accommodating some exhaust hoods and ventilation systems quite unpleasant. Not so with these ventless hoods!
Ventless hoods can be completely portable. Most exhaust hoods are installed within the framework of a kitchen. This approach is normal, but it has its drawbacks. If a kitchen is being remodeled or redesigned, a stationary exhaust hood can prove to be a major hindrance. No such issues exist with the ventless hood. Simply wheel it over to wherever it needs to go!
HoodMart’s ventless hoods are approved for electric equipment, fryers with oil capacities of anywhere up to eight-five pounds, and have high-powered triple-filtered exhaust systems. Come see all of the ventless hood’s cool features here.
Other features include sturdy stainless steel construction, a color-coded safety alert system, removable sides which allow easy cleaning, and a one-year limited warranty. Of course, there is also no installation required!

All commercial kitchen operators have to know of retailers of supplies and appliances whom they can trust. Take note—HoodMart is your one-stop hood shop! Come see our online selection today.