Reasons to Buy an Exhaust Hood Directly from the Manufacturer

There are many well-documented benefits of buying merchandise directly from a company. Cutting out middle man types along the way can save you some hassle and a lot of money. Here are the benefits to buying items, especially ventilation system equipment, directly from the manufacturer:

Manufacturers can assure you the quality of their products, as they understand their business better than a third-party retailer or salesman. Manufacturers also have more accountability than a retailer, and have stronger incentives to be honest and up-front with customers about their products and services. If a manufacturer risked selling a subpar product, they would lose business and suffer damage to their reputation. So when you deal with a proven industry leader directly, you know you are dealing with honest experts!
You can get something much closer to your product requirements by dealing directly with a manufacturer. Rather than having to take a sales associate at their word, you can ask your questions directly to experienced exhaust hood industry employees who will guide you toward the best fit.
When you buy a hood directly from HoodMart, you will get an assurance directly from the manufacturer that the exhaust system meets all codes and certifications in every state of the United States. We can back this assurance up and address any other questions or concerns you have about ventilation system shopping!
When you order directly from HoodMart, you will get faster lead times on deliveries. Most of our items are in stock at any given time, and we will quickly send them your way. HoodMart also is willing to help you get the proper installation for your exhaust hood on the other end of the delivery!
Factory direct orders assure you of lower prices. The reason is simple to understand—if you are buying from a secondary or tertiary seller, that seller will feel pressure to mark up the price of the exhaust hood system in order to make a profit. Of course, secondary sellers bank on getting good deals from manufacturers. But the beauty of direct sales is that you, the customer, can get good deals from the manufacturer, too!
HoodMart has a technical support department on hand to help you with any questions you have about our products. A secondary retailer will not have the same level of expertise on hand!

At HoodMart, we are happy to sell our high-functioning exhaust hoods and ventilation systems directly to you, the customer. Come see what options we have today!