When Should You Replace An Exhaust Hood Filter?

When it comes to cleanliness, as well as safety, the exhaust hood is absolutely essential for any
commercial kitchen. Exhaust hoods are responsible for preventing grease and other debris from
dirtying up the kitchen, as well as helping to prevent fires. In order for the exhaust hood to
properly do it’s job you need to properly maintain it, and one of the most overlooked
preventative measures is replacing the exhaust hood filters.

The tricky part about exhaust hood filters is that unlike your common AC filters, which you’re
supposed to change every 30 days, there is no set schedule for when you should replace the
hood filters. Typically technicians say to replace them every 6 - 8 months, but there are several
factors that come into play in terms of timeframe between changing the filters. How much heat
is the hood being exposed to? The more heat the unit is exposed to the more wear and tear on
the filter which can cause it to break down sooner than 6 - 8 months. What material is your filter
made out? Stainless steel filters are known to outlast aluminum or galvanized filters, and a
heavy duty filter will almost always outlast a standard filter.

If you are performing preventative maintenance regularly on your exhaust hood be sure to
inspect the hood filter often. Look for signs of wear and damage which may prevent the filter
from a tight fit in the opening , such as corrosion, dents, warping, and holes in the filter. If you
notice damage you should consider replacement. If you are cleaning your filter be sure to avoid
harsh cleaning chemicals, especially bleach, as it can lead to corrosion. Hand washing filters is
the most efficient way to clean the filters and also helps prolong the filter life.

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